Tuesday, 29 April 2008

To do list Week 2!!!

My first week back to list making and I haven't managed much at all!!!!

4 commissioned cards- DONE 3
Sew up teddy- NOT DONE
Complete 3 NVQ assignments- DONE 1, halfway through second!
1 hour tidying desk -DONE but it didn't make the slightest bit of difference!
3 runs (x 15 minutes)- NOT DONE......hangs head in shame...not even once. (will be hobbling around the race for life as my heel has really played up again this week!
1 xmas card- NOT DONE
Start project fot chris’s 40th!! - NOT DONE...but been looking at papers!!


I will aim to;

Make 3 commissioned cards
Sew up teddy
Finished the 2 outstanding NVQ assignments
Another hour tidying desk
x1 run of 15 minutes
x1 Xmas card
BUY papers for Chris's 40th project!
Finish Gerry Hula Hoop the Giraffe!!

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