Sunday, 20 April 2008

One step forward...and 3 back!!

It's been another draining weekend. We have moved furniture around in an attempt to get the house organised after the extension..the kitchen (which is hopefully being renewed soon) was just getting back into a state of normality after knocking out the wall that divided it with what was our old dining room. We used make shift cupboards and got a few cheap worktops and it was great to have such space.

BUT this weekend I have clutter on the worktops where we have moved my lovely old Ducal desk into Jack's room and needed to find new homes for all the "stuff" that had accumulated there. On top of that, today, slap bang in the middle of the kitchen I have had the giraffe!!!! Seeing as it was so cold and wet outside we set up the paper mache camp in the middle of the kitchen...I didn't mind as the floor needs completely renewing and most of it is the very old & grubby Marley tiles. This evening I have been cooking a roast and working around this huge giraffe obstacle!! Jack loved helping but as I suspected, Amelia wasn't too keen on the paper mache...sensory issues get in the way yet again!!! We have now carried him very carefully into the dining room and stood him in front of the radiator to's going to be a long, slow process I think!!! He's got to go into school around 6th May.
He now has a head!!!!Paper Mache has started at last!
And onto MY crafting...well not a lot has happened. Finished knitting my little girlie bear and will hopefully make her up this to knit some little clothes for her yet!! Gave up on the circular knitting - I was getting so stressed with the children it just wasn't the right timing...I will save that for another day. I have water coloured a few more images all ready to go onto cards and today I treated myself to a few new downloaded images...LOL...yes, they have been printed and I have coloured 3 which are sitting on my desk drying.

Children fed and bathed, uniforms all sorted, school bags at the ready in the hall.......I am going to pour myself a glass of wine and barricade the door of my craft room!!!


Louly said...

It really does look amazing already Adele. The shape is perfect, it's going to be the new king of the playground jungle when it goes on display at school. They'll have to lift their chins up off the floor.

Debra said...

WOW.... I am loving the Paper Mache giraffe. That is so cool.
I found your blog thru a search for craft blogs.
Enjoy your glass of wine!


Kathy said...

The giraffe is looking fabby Adele!

I think maybe you're a little made for taking on SUCH a huge project but it's such a fun thing to do( - well - not for me, but for someone else to do anyway!!!!) Will be watching the progreee with interest

LAZY-TROUT said...

WOW - the giraffe is looking amazing! My kids would just love to do something like this. Looking forward to more updates!

Classroomfree said...

Looks fabulous hun, I can't wait to see it finished in all of its glory.
Hmm, now what images have you gone for this time? Come on missus, spill the beans!

I ♥ cupcakes to distraction said...

Looking fantastic Adele. I bet your daughter is over the moon with it. I can't wait to see him finished. Brilliant :)

Cheers ears :)