Sunday, 27 June 2010

Dottie's World - Paper Piecing!

Hi everyone, it's my turn to set the challenge over at Dottie's World this week;

" Now paper piecing is a technique I have only really ever tried once or twice...and that was ages ago! I thought it was about time to have another go, so this week I challenge you to make your creations including some element of paper piecing.

Don't forget to use a Charmed Download and leave a link so that we can visit. "

I used Rosebud from the Pixie Chicks collection, kept it quite simple as this will probably be earmarked as one of the teacher's thank you cards.....I am running out of time yet again!

I decided to paper piece her little dress and shoes- the shoe were rather fiddly, but very cute!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Dottie's World- No patterned Paper

Hi everyone. Back home, washing nearly up to date but still loads to do. As well as being Father's day today is is my darling Chris's Birthday so I have a busy day ahead. I let Chris have a lay in but I was up early to finish making a few cards and wrap a few presents before the kiddies and me bombarded him with his goodies and a few "adapted" versions of "Happy Birthday!"

Chris is going to take Jack swimming this morning to give me a chance to run around and tidy a bit more so that hopefully this afternoon we will all be able to have some quality time together before we all have to go back to school/ work tomorrow!

Anyway, enough waffle; I quickly made a card for this week's challenge over at Dottie's World, which is to use no patterned papers. Loads of ideas for this one but not much time so I stuck to a very basic background of torn and layered card. I was going to get my sewing machine out to stitich these together but at nearly midnight last night I just didn't have the energy-especially as I had a bit of a fingermark issue on my "not as dry as I thought-Glossy Accents" - sorry!
Got a VERY busy week ahead of me! As well as playing catch up at home, I am back to work and determined to get all my work records up to date and passed to my supervisor for the children's leaving reports to be made up . I want these done and dusted and off my to do list.
After that I have loads of unfinished decorating to do and one very messy and unorganised craft room. I was given a large black storage "thingy" yesterday - perfect for A4 card but I have nowhere to put it at the moment! LOL
Right, better get on. See you again soon!

Friday, 18 June 2010

A pit-stop at castle Acre!

WE spotted this view from the road, driving back from Thetford Forest a few days ago and seeing as it wasn't that far, we thought we go and take a closer look! I was a bit dissapointed when we first got there as the place was streaming with teenagers, charging around, shouting at the top of their voices and leaving their rubbish strewn everywhere! I understand they were only "having fun" but I couldn't believe that the "responsible adults" that they were with didn't make them take their rubbish home with them! Sorry, moan over!! LOL

Once again, Amelia and her fear of heights and falling caused us a few tantrums and tears, it was hard for Chris to walk with Amelia clinging to his leg and refusing to move! With much encouragement and trying to take her mind off of falling she eventually settled down a bit and found her comfort zone!

Amelia jumping off the "mountain" we made her climb!!!

As usual, Jack was in his element!

After convincing Amelia that she really wasn't going to fall over the wall, she stood beside it so I could take her picture!!!

We have started to pack today, ready for our journey home tomorrow. Thankfully, nearly all the washing is up to date!


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wild at BeWILDerwood!

We have had a fabulous day at BeWILDerwood and the sunshine was just the icing on the cake! I have taken over 120 photographs today so choosing just a handful was quite a challenge.

Now I am afraid of heights so I was really not over keen when I saw the height of the woodland walks but I wanted Amelia to have a go so I really tried to hide my fears! Luckily it wasn't too crowded, just as well as trying to get Amelia to cross some of the bridges caused a few tail backs, tears and treetop tantrums! She is REALLY frightened of heights/falling, her confidence was minimal and she needed constant encouragement with jelly babies!

Jack on the treetop walk

No need for jelly babies here, Amelia was quite happy to climb this with Jack. LOVE this pic!

My "babes" in the Wood!

The "den" we built in the den building area! It was quite dangerous at times with Amelia charging around brandishing tree trunks!

Jack was in his element, climbing walls, zip wires, slides, rope swings, he made the tree top walk look so easy, running ahead then coming back around to help us encourage Amelia along. We finished the day on a lakeside decked area with coffee and a huge blueberry and cream muffin. YUMMY, I am certainly going to have to go back on my diet and fitness routine when I get home!
We are having a quick pit-stop back in the cottage and off to the pub for dinner!
See you all soon!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Thetford Forest in the SUN!!!!!!!

Today we have had SUNSHINE!! Whooo hooooo! Took a drive down to Thetford Forest and let the children loose on the adventure play area. It was hard going at first as Amelia has this thing about heights/falling and needed such a lot of encouragement to even stand on a low beam. Her confidence soon grew! Jack needed no encouragement!

Jack on the spider's web climbing frame.

Amelia on the rope bridge!

Chris and Jack at the Pyramid Slide! Amelia wouldn't go on but both Chris and Jack loved it despite it being a rather tight squeeze at the top of the pyramid!LOL

Back in the cottage now, dinner finished, drinks at hand, England shirts on and flags at the ready! COME ON ENGLAND! AS for my crafting, well we have been here a week today and this is all I have accomplished! (Blush!) If only I had packed my Copics too!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Brisk walk in Brisley

Foxley Wood!

Well hopefully we will get a little break in the awful weather soon as we have a few places a bit further afield we would like to visit and spend the whole day...won't be quite so much fun if we are soaked through.

We are relaxing in the cottage, playing in the garden and soaking in the hot tub, eating too much, drinking too much....will have to do a lot of running when I get home!LOL

Here are a few pics from a walk around Brisley Green, a few minutes from the cottage itself!

The Pill Box!

Tweedle-Dum & Tweedle Dee!

Jack eyeing up a cricket pitch!

As for crafting I am getting rather sick and tired of stamping and cutting the same images over and over again! Really wishing I had a few Christmas stamps with me- I could make such a head start on my Christmas cards!LOL

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wildlife and woodlands!

Yesterday, despite another rainy forcast the weather didn't look too bad so we decided to go for a walk in some woods fairly close to the cottage. Whilst we were getting ready- look who came to say hello!!!!!! He shamelessly edged closer and closer to us and then wedged himself down the gap in the decking!

The walk was great despite Amelia being really grumpy and complaining about being hungry throughout. Anyone would have thought we'd taken her on a marathon hike rather than a stroll through the woods. Glad we all had our wellies with us!
Some of the "Wildlife!"

WE have managed to get a new charger for my old camera-so glad to have it back.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

AWOL in Norfolk!!

We are having a bit of a break but I am finding it hard to switch off and Amelia is just SOOOOO grumpy. We have all had a few sniffles, sore throats and fluffy heads but that little lady certainly knows how to do the grumps!
The weather has really not been very kind so far but we are trying to make the best of it and grabbing every opportunity between thunder storms and torrential downpours! We only have a really SLOOOOOW internet connection but for now here are a few pics at Hunstanton Beach on Monday!