Wednesday, 25 July 2012

First attempt Chan Luu inspired wrap bracelet!

Day 3 of the school holidays and I am still sane....well as sane as I was beforehand! Jack and Amelia have been bickering as usual but I am trying not to let it get to me. Yesterday Jack went to a Pool Party and today he went Go Karting, rather him than me, he must have been boiling in that race suit! LOL 

This afternoon it has just been too hot to do much at all so I sat down and attempted to make a wrap bracelet that I have been wanting to try out for a little while. I have SO MANY beads in my Ebay wist list but I thought I'd be a good girl and make up a trial bracelet using a rather mish mash, random selection of beads from my beady boxes. I am quite pleased with my first effort. Pleased enough to order some more smaller beads! Wink, wink!

x X x

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

More Shamballa Style bracelets!

I have been busy trying to get all my Key Children's work records up to date and reports done, at last I am nearly done, just a few odds and ends to do before the end of term now!

Today I have cut a few lables and die cut shape to pop on ebay as I have been using up my Paypal funds on some new goodies. A few used stamps, some of which turned up today...but mainly beady stuff! I cannot wait to try out some of my lovely new beads.

I have made up a few more Shamballa style bracelets and I am "test driving" one of the first bracelets I made, well, I need to make sure they are wearable! I have my eye on some lovely beads that will also need test driving too!

x X x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Playing catch up blogging - Wedding pics!

I haven't got any crafting to show you today SO, I thought I'd play a bit of catch up and share some of the pics from the family wedding we went to a few weeks back!

Amelia trying to be all sweet and girly!!!!

Chris closely watching while Amelia does Bugsy eyes at Jack!

Jack helping out- love Amelia's hair in this one!

Jack looks far too grwon up in this one for my liking!

My darling.

"Cool dude!"

Catching Amelia on the dance floor!

Amelia in action!

Still Daddy's little girl!

EEK! I HATE my pic being taken!

Up to mischief!

It was a fab, fab day. Thank you to Steve ansd Sandra for letting us share your special day!
x X x

Monday, 2 July 2012

An altered clipboard for my Shamballa's!

I did promise you that I would try to add a few more examples of work for the challenge I set for this month's Time to Create Challenge over on Carolyn's!  I didn't really plan for this just sort of materialised. It all started when I got my dad a new clipboard and he showed me the tatty, ancient one he had been using for years. Now not being one who likes to see waste, this clipboard had plenty of life left in my rose tinted spectacle opinion! Take a look, can you see the potential?

Well, apparently my dad didn't. He said to my mum that I would never be organised with all the clutter I picked up. (I will not publish his exact words, too much bleeping out!)

Now, what with my very recent attempts at making Shamballa bracelets I felt the need of a bit of customising so I got ripping up that old book again for a bit of very random decoupatch. Several layers later I decided to cut and stick a ruler strip of BG paper down one side to help me gauge the sizings of the bracelets as I make them.

Finished with a light dusting of flowers, butterflies, ribbon and a bit of ink....voila!

x X x

Sunday, 1 July 2012

"More than words!"

A few months back I put my name down to set one of the Time to Create Challenges over on Crafts by Carolyns.  This actually really did me a favour as at that point I had hardly been crafting at all. (Not that I get much time now!) I had just started venturing into the dusty depths of my cluttered craft room and I was starting an attempt to organise and "pretty up" my little space!

Armed with a very old, faded book from Chris's Quality Management days, I got tearing and sticking. I knew it was just the excuse I needed to use one of the little mannequines I had stashed in a cardboard box for a year or so! (blush)  "SHE" now sits on my craft room window ledge!

My small but growing collection of "wordy" tat!

SO, lets get on with the challenge!

You have a few options to use in your creations.
 You can use just 1 or mix and match as you wish!

1. Use script or wording as a main part of your work, not just a sentiment.

2. Use a mannequine or doll in your creation. This could be a die cut, stamped image,
patterned paper, download image...etc.....

3. Create some altered art, take something old, unloved and unused and give it a new lease of life.

Remember you don't have to use all 3 options on the same piece of work. I hope to create a few things throughout the month that will meet the criteria...JUST HAVE FUN and come over to Carolyn's and show us your creations!

x X x