Saturday, 9 July 2016

New beady stash to soften my fall!

As if I wasn't in enough constant pain I decided to go for "a little trip" yesterday morning and narrowly avoided smashing my face into our large solid wood dresser! I have been dosing myself up with pain killers and treated myself to a very long, hot bath with lavender oil and epsom salts!

Feeling even more tender than usual and rather sorry for myself I decided to play with some of my new beads!!!! BEADY THERAPY!

I went for quite a lot of naturals this time!

Today I have made 3 more wrap bracelets, the first on a lovely moss green leather cord....

and two more men's bracelets, one on brown leather and the other on black waxed cord.

I am loving the Celtic Knot button, must get some more of those!

Oh decisions, decisions! What should I try next?