Saturday, 12 July 2014

Catching up and winding down!

One more week left at work before the Summer Holidays, it's been a long and tiring term.My health has not been great and Chris has been working and travelling more putting more pressure on us all as a family. We are ALL ready to start winding down a bit.

After playing catch up on most of my housework yesterday, I have had a lazy day today. I have pottered around the garden and Chris has tried tidying up a few plant in one of the borders. (The contorted Hazel has gone mad!) We are gradually treating ourselves to a few new plants to try to introduce more colour into the garden.

The pots on the patio are looking quite colourful, I love our new lilies!

and the sunflowers make me smile every morning as I open the kitchen blinds, 
they are sunny whatever the weather!

Our old hydrangea is doing well, absolutely full of buds and flower but the blooms are not as large as usual. Not sure what I am doing wrong but love the colour. We have just got another pink one which is sitting in a pot on the patio and a lovely cream one waiting to be put into the borders.

Now this is a plant I need to investigate. We remember planting something there years ago but it has never flowered until this year. Until it flowered I thought it was a hollyhock but now I don't know what it is! LOL

We still have a few areas of the garden which need attention. The top corner by our little shed  has never been finished and we are looking at getting a slightly bigger shed before we can finish planting up the border. We also have a small area on the patio where the BBQ sits and the are is used as a bit of a dumping ground. Long term I would love a little arbour seat there, perhaps with a nice climber rambling over it and a nice cushion, and some pretty little lights...and...and...and....

My heart wants the arbour seat to come first but my head tells me it makes more sense to get the shed sorted first!

Hey ho!