Thursday, 12 January 2012

Wedding Invitation samples.

Things are hectic in the "Dingle House." Chris is starting a day release course from work, this means his already overloaded work schedule is being crammed into a 4 day week. I am helping to cover sickness at work and fitting in 5 session a week at the Pre-school for a little while.

It was my "day off" today so after trying to catch up on the boring things like phone call and housework, I decided to start putting together the ideas I had for a Wedding Invitation enquiry I have had.

Very basic design but I think I would have preferred that the dotty paper was blue and perhaps the ribbon was wider.

Still, it has long last got me in my craft room.....still can't really see my desk though! LOL

I am determined to get creative again this year, perhaps I need some new goodies to play with to inspire me!

x X x