Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Oriflame - My journey begins...again!

Life has certainly had it's ups and downs recently. Hospitals, a sewage flooded downstairs toilet, chronic pain, tribunals etc....etc.....but it's the negative thing that life throw at us that make the positive things in our lives so much more precious to us! Hubby's 50th, Amelia's Prom, Jack's College Gallery evening......all things that are now deeply etched in my memories.

As Amelia's Prom was looming, I attempted to apply some make up on her but with her sensory issues and sensitivity, it was a rather challenging task. As soon as I went anywhere near her with make up from my general stash, her eyes would stream and she would get very stressed out and uncomfortable.

I was a Consultant/Manager for Oriflame many. many moons ago and loved their products then, so I decided to order a few items to try out on Amelia....and whoops, a few jumped in for me too! I did a little trial run as soon as the order arrived and not a soggy eye in sight! Whoop whoop.

I was also highly impressed that her Prom make up lasted the evening and looked as fresh at the end of the evening as it did when we dropped her off!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the products and I feel quite excited and motivate about some much need me time, some pampering and perhaps even getting back some of my own's been a long time since I had one of my own. LOL


You can see the current offers HERE!!!!!

and join in with my Journey HERE!!!!!!

Bye for now.


Monday, 11 June 2018

My attempt at Fairy Wings!!!

Last night I decided that as I still had my Copics out, I would give the fairy wings chapter a try! Not sure how I feel about the way they have turned out...nothing like what they looked like in the Kit and Clowder class! lol

I have almost finished this class now, just the background to do.....I am eager to move on and try out the new Bonus class! It is really out of my comfort zone but looking forward to trying out some new images and techniques!

Bye for now,


Sunday, 10 June 2018

Jumanji, Kit and Clowder and Copics!

We promised Amelia that she could watch Jumanji (AGAIN) so I made some time for me to relax with the May Markers Class from Kit and Clowder but just getting all the colours out for the dress alone was quite a task!

EEK! I don't think I have ever used so many different colours on just one individual section before and it did look quite daunting, I will confess! BUT as with all of the classes over at Kit and Clowder, Alyce breaks it all down, section by section. Although I am not 100% happy with the outcome, this was my first time trying a rainbow coloured effect so overall, yes, I am ok with my results.

Looking forward to my next practice session.


Saturday, 9 June 2018

Tea tray/Drinks trolley revamp!

I bought an old tea trolley a year or so ago...perhaps even longer! I have actually been using it to store my chalk paints on out  in the garage but just before Christmas it got moved out into the conservatory and used as a drinks trolley! I have been wanting to revamp it ever since I got it but it still in the corner of the room in it's natural state!

My latest plan for it was to cover the top level with bottle tops and seal with resin but with it is taking forever to collect enough bottle tops! Obviously I need to drink more alcohol! lol

Getting there though!



Sunday, 3 June 2018

Trying to play catch up....So what next?

Well, my to do list has very much taken a nose dive this past week as all my time has been spent at the hospital with Chris. Life is still far from our "norm" as Chris is really struggling to walk, or even put weight, on his leg.

I am trying hard to make a little time for some creativity as it would be so easy to just let the running of the house take over completely.

Earlier I decided to do another chapter of my Kit and Clowder marker Class. I opted for what I perceived to be an "easier" chapter...well at least something I was more familiar with...colouring hair!
I am not sure of the colour combo I used but it's all practice.

I was going to move on to another chapter of the class...but Bruce had other ideas!

So rather than play with my Copic markers, I continued with a few of the little sewing projects I had left abandoned around the house last Saturday before our mad dash to A&E.

Now for some years now, we have been promising ourselves that we are going to claim back the kiddies playhouse at the top of the garden. Chris had a bar in his mind, my idea was more of a country tea room but we are trying to meet half way. We moved our old sofas up from the conservatory, I did a quick, makeshift paint job and tarted up a few bits and bobs.

We still have a lot to do: long term I would love it to be insulated and clad and have electricity up there but in the short term I have several arty farty ideas to try out. Last weekend I made two cushion covers for the sofa but have loads more to do and today I finished the hem on the cover I made to convert our old storage boxes into a table! (We still need to store some toys and garden stuff!)

Looking forward to spending many a relaxing time up there with Chris...drinking tea...or perhaps a tipple or two.

Bye for now!


Saturday, 2 June 2018

Hectic Half Term.......

.....and not in a good way!

Had to rush hubby Chris to A&E last Saturday and he was only discharged from hospital on Thursday so it's been a very unsettled and hectic week.

This afternoon I promised myself some "me time" and have snuggled up to Chris, did some crafting therapy and decided to re-watch Game of Thrones again..from season 1! In it for the long run as he has been signed off sick for 2 weeks!

I seem to have lost all of my creativity but did manage to complete the Skin Chapter from this month's Kit and Clowder marker Class.

Not happy with the blending on the skin but it is only practice. 

Might even have enough time for some more crafty therapy while dinner is cooking!

Bye for now.