Saturday, 2 June 2018

Hectic Half Term.......

.....and not in a good way!

Had to rush hubby Chris to A&E last Saturday and he was only discharged from hospital on Thursday so it's been a very unsettled and hectic week.

This afternoon I promised myself some "me time" and have snuggled up to Chris, did some crafting therapy and decided to re-watch Game of Thrones again..from season 1! In it for the long run as he has been signed off sick for 2 weeks!

I seem to have lost all of my creativity but did manage to complete the Skin Chapter from this month's Kit and Clowder marker Class.

Not happy with the blending on the skin but it is only practice. 

Might even have enough time for some more crafty therapy while dinner is cooking!

Bye for now.


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