Monday, 12 February 2018

Long time, no blog!

What can I say, life just keeps getting in the way!

The New Year has come and gone and here we are almost mid-February and all my good intentions seems to have been pushed to the back burner.

On the crafty front, well let's face it, not a lot is going to happen unless I get up in my craft room and get it sorted out. It is in a huge state of chaos, a dumping ground that hasn't been used as it was intended for some considerable time.

It was March last year I attempted my last bout of organisation and Chris fixed all my little glass jars underneath my wall cupboards in an attempt to free up some work space.

Almost a year later and it is still untouched, my pegboard still just sitting there on the worktop and just piles of "crafty clutter" everywhere.

It's going to be a very long slow process but I must's either that or get rid of the lot of it. (EEEK!)

SO! Once again, I am on a mission. I faced  my main "desk area" on Saturday afternoon. My worktop is under there somewhere I promise you!

 I was feeling sorry for myself  as my back pain has been so bad I didn't feel up to going to the gym. I thought at least I would try to do something constructive with my "spare time!" To be honest I actually quite enjoyed the process. Although a lot of it was simply moving stuff from one area to another, I did also put a lot of things away, or in piles/groups to make it easier next time I attack the room!

Yesterday Chris spent some time out in the conservatory building a radiator cover, so I took the opportunity to use my newly cleared worktop and started decorating some storage boxes and pots. 

It's certainly going to be a challenge. I have accumulated so much crafty stash, not just paper crafting but fabric, felt, wool, to organise it all efficiently is not going to be easy.

Oh well, one small step closer!

Bye  for now.