Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Oriflame - My journey begins...again!

Life has certainly had it's ups and downs recently. Hospitals, a sewage flooded downstairs toilet, chronic pain, tribunals etc....etc.....but it's the negative thing that life throw at us that make the positive things in our lives so much more precious to us! Hubby's 50th, Amelia's Prom, Jack's College Gallery evening......all things that are now deeply etched in my memories.

As Amelia's Prom was looming, I attempted to apply some make up on her but with her sensory issues and sensitivity, it was a rather challenging task. As soon as I went anywhere near her with make up from my general stash, her eyes would stream and she would get very stressed out and uncomfortable.

I was a Consultant/Manager for Oriflame many. many moons ago and loved their products then, so I decided to order a few items to try out on Amelia....and whoops, a few jumped in for me too! I did a little trial run as soon as the order arrived and not a soggy eye in sight! Whoop whoop.

I was also highly impressed that her Prom make up lasted the evening and looked as fresh at the end of the evening as it did when we dropped her off!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the products and I feel quite excited and motivate about some much need me time, some pampering and perhaps even getting back some of my own's been a long time since I had one of my own. LOL


You can see the current offers HERE!!!!!

and join in with my Journey HERE!!!!!!

Bye for now.



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