Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Having a crafty sort out!

I am trying to find my missing crafty mojo hidden in the depths of a really messy craft room but unfortunately its gonna get a lot worse before I can see any improvement at all. A little while ago I discovered a long lost, rather large tool box lurking at the back of the spare wardrobe so I moved it into the craft room. There it sat, for weeks and weeks, possibly even months, me having to practically step over it every time I ventured in there. The worktops are not visble from underneath the piles of storage tubs, baskets, papers and general crafty clutter. Is it any wonder at all that I am not feeling inspired to get creative. Hey ho, onwards and upwards. I have cleared the contents of the large toolbox and stored into smaller boxes which fit onto my shelves and now I have some FLOOR! whooo hoooo! I can even whizz my office chair from my little worktop by the window over to the computer without crashing into anything! This morning I am starting to sort out my stamp collection. I feel it has been rather neglected as looking back at my creations over the last few years I have mainly used digi images. Don't get me wrong, I love digital images but I feel the need to a bit of rumaging around, organising, and storing in pretty little boxes! It's been so long since I crafted, I cannot even remember what I have! So far I have uncovered my little collection of Magnolia's, spurred on by a little purchase of 2 new stamps which arrived yesterday. Here is what I have uncovered so far:

I stamped several images yesterday and have since sat down with a nice cuppa and happily cut them all step.....................COPICS!!!!!!!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Those naughty knitting needle fairies!!!

My darling mum has been very busy with her knitting needles and is trying out a few new creations which really inspired me...yes, shock horror...ME feeling a little creative again. Thought I'd better act upon it quickly before it vanishes again BUT there is always a hurdle to jump isn't there.

There I was with a huge bag of scrummy wools at my feet, a stash of cute little projects to make and do you think I could find ANY knitting needles. Those naughty knitting needle fairies have come along and stolen ALL my needles while my creativity was AWOL!

Never mind, yesterday I took a very brief detour to my mum and managed to borrow a vey old pair of needles that we believe originally belonged to my Big Nan (Great Grandmother!) It was rather nice just sitting down and knitting just for the fun of it and even nicer knowing that my darling Big Nan had once been sitting down knitting away with those needles.

Right waffle over, I have given you a little sneek peak at what my mum has been creating and watch this space as we progress with a little more creativity. (Fingers crossed life doesn't get in the way again!)
x X x

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Magnolia for mum!

Today is my darling mum's birthday so what better reason did I need to TRY to get creative. I had a new pad of papers from The Paper Cellar that I have never even used so after finding what I needed in the chaos I used to call my craft room, I set to work.

I took inspiration from the sketch challenge over at Just Magnolia and although I had a few near disasters with a rather old little pot of liquid pearls I really enjoyed my crafty time.

I really, really MUST tidy my little room so that I can actually open the door fully, see a bit more carpet and desktop and use what little ctraft time I have a bit more efficiently!

Happy Birthday Mum!
x X x

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Not exactly crafty but..... least we have had some form of creativity in the Dingle house today. A year or two (???) after having our kitchen fitted we decided that a few wall cupboards would come in handy. I wanted to free up a few of the base cupboards for things like Jack's homework books that are constantly being scattered around the house and in danger of Amelia using them for colouring books.
I am going to shuffle around and organise over the next few weeks but in general I am very pleased with the results. We have also at long last got the back panel of the breakfast bar fitted! Whoo hooo.....onwards and upwards.

I have tidied all the mess that was created washed all the new cupboards and will shortly celebrate the progress with a nice glass of something.

They are a few things I am dissappointed in however;

* Can't get glass shelves for the glazed cupboards instore as promised and will possibly now have to wait weeks until I can organise the glasses.

* Still waiting for Chris to fit and connect the lighting.

* Have you noticed another flaw? I NEED more wine!!!!!!!