Sunday, 27 December 2009

Dottie's gone all Girly!

This week over on Dottie's World the challnge is simply to make a card for a girl.My plan was for me to use another image from the fab new "Sugar and Spice" collection but time got the better of me I am afraid to say so I am showing you a girlie Christmas card I made last week!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Only days to go!!!!!!

...and am I ready....ho ho ho...of course not! I have been hindered by the flu and snow but still optimistic!

Anyway, made another Xmas card yesterday ready for the latest challenge over on Dottie's World. It was Gunn's turn to set the challenge:
"Christmas is only a few days away. Here in Norway we do celebrate christmas eve (24th) with gifts under the christmas tree. In UK and lots of other countries you celebrate christmas morning (25th) with gifts in your stockings. In my family we got a christmas stocking on chrismas morning, not with gifts, but with sweets..... Can you guess what i want...?
Yes, please.. I want you to use a christmas stocking in your card or project. It can be paper, die cuts, punches- whatever and how you want to. The main thing to remember is to use a Charmed downloads to go."
Now I struggled with this, my inspiration is still long lost so eventually I cheated by using an old "Anita's" stamp as a background. I adore the little girl "Market Day" from the new Sugar and Spice download collection- she was a dream to colour!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

3 Stars for Dottie!

It is Nicole's turn to set the challenge over at Dottie's World today and here it is;
"For this week's challenge I would like to see three snowflakes along with a Charmed Download. Snowflakes can be felt/die cut/glittered/flocked/distressed/airbrushed...use your imagination or keep it simple....but make sure you have fun!"

Still desperately in need of making my Christmas cards I came up with this.

I used an image from the Holly & Madison World Tour Collection! I cheated a bit with the third snowflake though! LOL

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Copic Colour Challenge # 43

My goodness, how quickly has Christmas snuck up upon us!!! Things are still unsettled here but I live in hope for a stress free Christmas...HO, HO, HO! My sister's op went ahead last week and she is now at home recovering. My mum had a two week stay in hospital with fears of her new kidney rejecting but came home last Thursday. This was rather short lived as yesterday they called her back in with yet more concerns so once again, she is stuck up in King's College, London...while I am full of cold and stuck in Kent! Oh well, that's they way it goes and I am completely helpless again!
With Chistmas and the silly season upon us there is no chance of finding my crafty mojo just yet I am afraid but I did however make a very basic attempt at this week's Copic Colour Challenge.
The colours are;

and here is my card;

Pop over and play along!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Dottie's World - You're a star!

It was my turn to set the challenge over on Dottie's World and still in search of my crafty mojo I struggled again! I am still in desperate need of some christmas cards so I decided on something that could be interpreted as festive if you so choose to....there are surely other crafters out there that still aren't organised....aren't there?
"This week I would like to to incorporate stars in your creations, it could be a patterned paper, a star shaped card or a few twinkling embellies...the choice is your as long as we can see at least one star and a charmed download....anything goes."

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Boy oh Boy...a Dottie Challenge!

It's Lou's turn to set the challenge over at Dottie's World and here is what she said:

"With the recent launch of our new download collection Boy Oh Boy I thought a boy card had to be in order for this week's challenge.You don't have to use one of the new images though any suitable Charmed download will do.HOWEVER! I will be picking one of the entries at random this week to receive a wee prize! If you use one of the Boy Oh Boy digital images I will put your name in the hat twice!
The Prize will be a £10 voucher to spend on something lovely at Charmed Cards and Crafts.
So what are you waiting for? Check out what the design team have to inspire you with and get have until next Sunday, one entry per person please."

Eager to try out one of these lovely new images here's what I came up with.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Copic Colour Challenge #41

This week over on the Copic Colour Challenge we have some gorgeous colours to work with- so versatile. Make sure you pop over and join in the Copic fun, candy up for grab too from a new sponsor!

The colours are;

I had been asked to make a more traditional card so rumaging through my cutie stamps I found this old stamp by Anita and thought the colours might work quite well. I am fairly please with how it came out!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

A little bit of gingerbread for Dottie!

It's been an awful week. Amelia has had a stomach bug, mum was rushed into hospital with her new kidney possibly rejecting and then I came down with the dreaded lurgy too. I was laid out on the sofa for a few days just not able to anything. Hopefully we are all coming out the other side now, just praying that Chris and Jack don't come down with it too!
Anyway, enough of the grumbling, here's my tiny little snippet of crafting for the week! Terrible I know, one little card. I really MUST get my act together.

This week over at Dottie's World it was Gunn's turn to set the challenge, and here is what she said;
"When I say gingerbreadhouse I mean: lets be inspired by them. They have this beautiful warm brown color, and the embellishment are so full of colores. And of colours I get reminded of the fact that Christmas is coming up.So think about the colors and the embellishments or even the shape of gingerbreadhouses and use some of it on a card or a box. And of course there has to be a Charmed downloads on the project.So take time to enjoy this challenge and have fun.So just be inspired by the girls projects, and if that isn`t enough you can google "gingerbreadhouse", and I can promise there is lots of pictures to be inspired from."
Now I went for Christmas Gingerbread, I tried to use lovely warm tones of brown and spice them up with Christmas read...hope it works!

....AND IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY SEEN!!!!!! You must pop over to and see the new download collection Boy Oh will not be disappointed.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

a Summer farewell!

With my life being as hectic as ever I have decided to step down from one of my Design Teams. It was a hard decision but at the end of the day I felt I could not fully support everyone to the extent I would be happy with and crafting was becoming a chore rather that the stress buster that it was originally.
The wonderful Nikki of DewDrop Craftz has been amazing to work with giving me opportunities to work with her fabulous images and even have my first ever feature in Craft Stamper Magazine. Her enthusiasm and determination has kept me going but she has not got rid of me completely. I hope to continue using her images and join in her challenges but just without the pressure of having to do them!
As a sort of Summer Farewell, this is my last project as part of her Design Team and I wish her and her new teams members all the best and a great future. Please support her by popping over and playing along with her DewDrop Craftz challenge, this month there will be a suprise package for the winner including 2 Copic pens and a digital image..Also, one person through the month will be picked to be a guest DT member for the next challenge.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Around the World with Dottie!

It is my turn to set the challenge over at Dottie's World this week and here is what I set!
"In an attempt to get organised I need to make a few Christmas cards to send out around the world. SO, this week I would like you to make a card with a foriegn touch, it doesn't need to be a Christmas card but please include a touch of something "foriegn." This could be a greeting in a different language, a theme, image.....whatever inspires you.Please make sure you use one of the many fabulous Charmed Downloads in your creation."
In my madness I also forgot that I need to send a Birthday card out to France before I worry about the Christmas ones!LOL.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Dottie with feathers!

Hello everyone, a little update from the Dingle House!
Yesterday my little lady, Amelia was 8! Cannot believe how quickly time has gone and how things have drastically changed since she started her special school in September. We had a little get together for and it was a great opportunity for her to catch up with a few of her friends from her old hectic as it was.
We also took in delivery of Jack's 11+ results.
HE PASSED!!!!!!!!!
Absolutley fantastic news and we are all so very proud of him!
Right, waffle out of the way and on to a little bit of crafting.,...and still pretty much mojo-less, it is still just a little bit! LOL

Over on this week's Dottie's World Challenge, June set us a challenge:
"Hiya ladies, well if you didnt know it I love feathers!! This week I would love to see a feather or feathers incorporated into your card. Of course use a charmed digital download, and enjoy yourself hugs June xxx"
Now my middle sisiter is going into hospital next week for an operation so thinking ahead I made this for her, I thought the softness of the feather was appropriate for some reason!

Pop over to Dottie's world and play along! Now Lou is back from her hols.....that new download collection is sure to be launched soon!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Copic Colour Challenge #37!

Trying so hard to find my mojo and start getting organised but the going is rather slow I am afraid! It's a catch 22 situation, I have a week off work...but have my two little (well not so little) monsters at home!LOL
Anyhow, I did actually manage to get a card made for the Copic Colour Challenge this week!
The colours are;
and here's what I came up with.
So grab your Copics and head on over to check out the challenge!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dottie's World- Child's Play!

It was Lou's turn to set the challenge over on Dottie's World this week;
"Well Hellooooo!!!!!!! Louise here with your challenge for this week.
I have been busy working on a new download collection, it's a boy themed set....but it's not quite ready yet. I have a sneaky preview for you on my example card but that will have to do for now....sorry ♥
Anyway, in keeping with the child theme.... "This week on Dottie's World I want to see you setting free the child in you. Make a card or something else for a child (using a Charmed Download please) . Let your imagination run wild!"

You MUST pop over and have a look because if the first sneak peak is anything to go by, it's going to be an absolutely fab collection.
Anyway, I struggled with this but eventually came up with a card (sorry it's late girls!) I am not at all happy with it, I think the colours don't help at all, not my usual "safe" colours!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Copic Colour Challenge #36

This week it was my turn to chose the colours over at the Copic Colour Challenge so I went for something seasonal and with Halloween in mind, I came up with these!

This is what I came up with;

Image is by InStyle Stamps who are sponsoring is this week, pop over to join in the fun!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dottie goes Autumnal!

Still finding it really really hard to find my mojo, but in general life is becoming a little bit "smoother!" Mum is improving bit by bit although the anti-rejection meds are having a few side effects her progress is steady.
Amelia seems to have settled into her new school better than we could ever have expected, her reading has made an amazing improvement and her confidence and attitude to learning has made a fantastic turn!
Jack sat his 11+ yesterday so we aren't trying to cram practice papers and extra work into out agenda fingers crossed, I will soon find my mojo lurking beneath the mess on my craft desk!
I have made a mojo-less card for this week's Dottie World challenge. LOVED working with these colours, although the warm Autumnal colours are some of my favs in general I rarely work with them. Hope you play along too!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Going Round in Circles with Dottie's World!

It was my turn to set the challenge over at Dottie's World this week and still suffering with a complete lack of energy and mojo this is what I came up with;

Hi everyone it's Adele here! My life is all over the place at the moment, rushing around but not really achieving anything. When I realised it was my turn to set the challenge, this was the first thing that came into my poor little head!

Going round in circles!

Use this for inspiration in any way you like, circles on you papers, card shape, apertures, whatever takes your fancy but make sure you include a Charmed Download!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Copic Colour Challenge

Well life is calmer....for now. Things have thankfully settled down a bit fir the run up to Jack's 11+, which is two weeks today. I am hopeful that he will spend a bit of time with me going through a few maths and verbal reasoning questions...but HOPEFUL is the key word there. Jack seems to think that 2 weeks is a lifetime away!LOL

Anyway,I have had a card on my desk all week waiting to be completed, so today in between washing and tidying and sorting loads of flash cards for Amelia's speech & language work...I actually finished it and took a couple of piccies!

This card was made for this week's challenge over on the Copic Colour Challenge Blog.

This weeks colours are;

Not a comfortable combination for me I will happily admit, but still trying to find my mojo really doesn't help matters. Fingers crossed, things will continue to calm down a bit and my mojo will come flooding back...just in time for the Christmas rush...EEEK.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

A charming Sunday!

Well things are not really calming down much in the Dingle house, although we are not really ill, we aren't 100% and I am trying to keep sore throats and sniffles to a minimum with vitamins and good ol' Calpol....(for the kiddies!)
My mum seems to be doing marvellously and came out of hospital on Wednesday. She is having to travel up to King's College Hospital in London three times a week to keep a close check on the new kidney, it's a rotten journey but at least it's not quite as bad as having to travel to Guy's.It's frustrating for me as I still haven't really spent any time with her, with cold and flu bugs lurking I have had to send my love from a distance but really just want a big hug with my mum.
The children are really grumpy, especially Amelia and I am worried it's the change of school and missing her friends as well as not feeling 100% well. Lots of cuddles and time as a family I think but somehow it just never all goes to plan!
I increased my hours at work and I am struggling to keep going with just no energy or motivation at the moment. I think a good de-clutter in the house and my life is called for but I need to find the time and energy to actually make a start with it.

Anyway, I'll quickly show yow the card I made for this week's challenge over at Dottie's World...then I'll pop the kettle on and try to find my mojo underneath the clutter on my desk.

This week June set the challenge:

Well since I'm new on the Dotties World design team, and buy my digi downloads from Charmed Cards and Crafts, it just seemed right to have a charm incorporated into the card....soooooo, this week's challenge is "Charmed I'm sure", and I would love to see a charm, or charms incorporated into your card. Of course you need to use a charmed digi dowload, and if you enter for the next four weeks you may just win something nice!!... go on have a play, I can't wait to see all of your dangly bits!!!

Don't forget play along with us at Dottie's World with the next FOUR challenges and be in with the chance of some super, scrummy, Pixie Chicks CANDY!!!!!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A few DewDrop Images!

With mum still in hospital and having a few problems, probably caused by her medication but not 100% sure yet! Chris, Jack, Amelia and myself all trying to fight off coughs, colds and high's been a very long week. Had to have the day off yesterday as Jack really wasn't well enough to go to school and I am going around feeling constantly shattered.
Still trying to play catch up with everything but feel I am fighting a losing battle. Promised myself I would keep the childrens records for work up to date weekly and already we are on week 3 and I am falling behind. Better bump it up a bit on my to do list!
I have promised Nikki that I would colour a few of her new images.....better late than never honey...sorry! I really had fun with these and I hope you like them, thought they'd make great cards for teenage girls!

I used Rori 1 available HERE!