Friday, 29 June 2007

Men's Bloomers!!!!

Well what a mixed up day it has been weather wise!!! One minute torrential rain the next blue skies and sunshine. I haven't manged to achieve as much as I had hoped to but let's face it, something is better than nothing at all!
This evening there was another challenge on Just Bex that caught my eye - Challenge 2- fab Blooms. My interpretation was aimed for a man, perhaps even some bloomers for Chris (!!!) we met 11 years ago on 14th July so I might keep it to one side for him.
I thought I would also show you my likkle visitor in the garden today, it was the cause of much excitement as I hung up the phone on Chris and dashed in from the conservatory to grab my camera. Don't get very many birds in our garden at all, so many cats around. I was delighted to find it still hopping around the garden when I got back. Pic not great, well it was through the double glazed conservatory door!!! Haven't a clue what type of birdie it is, thought it was a bullfinch, but doesn't look anything like pics online!!! LOL...pretty all the same!! Please remember, I am a city girl originally, so it was quite a treat for me!

What a load of scrap!!!

In my quest to use up scraps of paper as I go along I have made up a few toppers out of the SEi Paisley & Petals I had left over from the "splitting my sides" LO. I also got to use yet another QK die I have had for ages and hardly ever used- I thought the shape of the flower matched the paper perfectly. Quite bold colour for me but it has made a nice change! Got enough paper left for probably another 4 toppers so that will keep me busy this afternoon.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Splitting My Sides - Layout

In between preparing for this dreaded meeting with the school, I had allocated some crafty time. It's been ages since I have done any scrapping...I suppose I feel it is very self indulgent when I have so much else I should be doing!!! But still...I enjoyed my scrappy time. There is a competition on Just Bex to create a LO using only 1 pic, BUT you must cut it into at least 3 pieces. Me being the mad woman I am had this mad idea of a jigsaw puzzle but until yesterday I hadn't a clue how I was going to use this. Searched through my online pics to see if inspiration struck and came up with this. I felt it really quite appropriate as personally both me and Amelia have so much to learn about life.

Monday, 25 June 2007

My Pink Challenge part 1.

Haven't done much crafting today as In-laws have been down for the day. Just made myself a cuppa and ventured out in the conservatory to put together the first part of my altered tin. I struggled a bit with this because as you can see from the piccies, the tin is buckled at the back. The ribbon covers most of it, but trying to cut the paper to fit inside the bottom of the tin was a nightmare.
Anyway, I have decorated the tin itself but I decided to make this for ME!!!! Something to remind me how lucky I am when it seems every way I turn I am hitting my head against that brick wall. It is so easy to be burdened down with all the negatives, I don't mean that to sound harsh, but basically that is what it is like when you are constantly working with, dealing with and encouraging a child with a disability- after all I am working on her areas of weakness all the time!!

I chose this little tin to fill with reminders of all the strengths I have that surround me, that often get taken for granted or overlooked. So far I have made up a little concertinaed card that fits snuggly inside and ties with that gorgeous polka dot ribbon...the rest is yet to come!!
Sorry some of pics aren't great, light fading on yet another very dull, wet day.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Challenge ME!!!!

As I mentioned earlier, Mel from CBC is running individual challenges and she challenged me to alter something using PINK! I am more than happy to work with pink, in fact it's one of my favs...but altering stuff, well that's a different story. I have done a few bits and bobs before but not confident at all!!!
Well as luck would happen while clearing out junk from the garage this morning I came across this dirty, tatty, squashed tin. It is only tiny but I liked the shape of it. It had "Alter Me!" written all over I did. Well I haven't finished yet but here is a taster of what I am trying to do!!! As you can see, so far it is partly pink!!LOL.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Another hectic weekend

We try to cram so much into our weekends it is hard to get motivated sometimes- just for actually knowing where to start first if that makes any sense. We want to clear out more of the garage so hopefully the big build can start as soon as planning is agreed. We still have a big fridge freezer (our beer, wine and general overflow fridge [grin]!!) a chest freezer and a tumble dryer to find space for....somewhere!!!
I am feeling quite pleased on the crafty front though. Had quite a productive week for my standards and motivated by some of the challenges going on at the moment. If I can carry on juggling everything with school, statementing, builders, house and crafting and keep my head above water I will be one very lucky ol' lady!!
I've been plodding my way through some of the challenges on Just Bex and yesterday I was mad enough to sign up for the "Challenge Me" challenge on Crafts by Carolyn. Mel has given personal challenges to those who signed up. I need to "alter something must using PINK!" Love pink but not great at altering things. Needs a bit of thought still.
Oh well, only came down to put on another load of washing and make a cuppa!!LOL. Must get on!

Feeling rather lost!

Not had a very good day today, the schooling situation just doesn't look like it's improving and I feel I am hitting my head against a brick wall constantly. After fighting for over a year I have managed to get a statement, but that's it. Rather than being treated as a legal document that inforces the required amount of support it is just sheets of paper. I am so disheartened and feel I have yet another six weeks school summer holidays fast approaching with this huge black cloud hanging over us. I am being pushed around from pillar to post and no-one is really taking notice. Have started considering local papers and councillors again, even had home Education spring back into my mind again but that defeats the whole object of inclusion. Whatever way I turn it seems I simply cannot win.
Pushing that to the back of my mind ( that happens!!) I attempted some crafting this afternoon. After making Chris his birthday card I wanted to attempt the circle aspect of the design in other ways but having such awful handwriting I needed some help in remembering how to print off in a circle, found support on CBC forum and away I went. But my little brain did not stop there seeing as I wanted to use a circle I stole the card template 4 challenge on Just Bex and came up with the next card on my list of things to do!!!
Oh well at least I have achieved something today.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Another last minute card

After struggling with motivation I sat up 'til gone 11pm last night making Chris's Birthday card for today. Had to abandon it several times as the storm made me feel rather open to the elements as I sat, surrounded by a paper mountain, out in the conservatory. Eventually I came up with this idea- not 100% sure about the design but I love the colours and most important of all Chris loved it!!!
Spent a great day together today, just wandering around the shops, followed by a fab pub lunch...goodness, I could get quite used to this! It's great spending some time together.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Shape Shifters

After a pretty much pointless morning I had achieved nothing. Still chasing the LEA, school ..etc basically anyone, as Amelia still has no-one to support her at school despite her statement being finalised over a month ago. Feeling rather frustrated, I abandoned it all, put on some music and decided to spend the afternoon crafting.

Needing to make Chris his birthday card for tomorrow I was about to start work when my mum asked if I would make a card for her and my dad to give to I set to work. It's a bit of a running "joke" that they call Chris their number one son, being that they have 3 daughters. With this in my mind, it seemed a fun opportunity to try out the "Shape Shifters challenge" on Just Bex! Not quite sure of the finished result, but I had fun making it all the same.

Anyway, can't stop and chat, running out of time and I still have MY card to make!!!LOL...last minute again!!!(blush!)

Monday, 18 June 2007

Think Pink Toppers

Haven't had much time for crafting today but I am trying to be a good girl and use up offcuts of papers as I go along. With that in mind I have rustled up a couple of toppers similar to the "Think Pink" challenge card I made yesterday. I have simplified the detail quite a bit but had fun all the same- I am loving my newly aquired Rangers Glossy Accents, it has been on my "want list" for ages and when ever I have treated myself to a crafty purchase it has been out of stock.
Got to make Chris a birthday card for Wednesday.....need some inspiration at the moment, not sure what I am going to do yet!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

I am on a roll!!

Made another card today, great fun- I'd forgotten how much fun crafting could actually be!
Made this for my friend, inspired by yet another challenge on Just Bex- The Think PINK challenge, for obvious reasons!The large black bloom is one from my bargain buys at Dunelm Mills, the pink bloom is a recent puchase...and I love them, must get more.

Last ususal!

JUST finished my Dad's card!! Following on from the BLUE & GREEN challenge on CBC, I used up the scraps of paper and card and completed my first challenge from Just Bex! On this challenge you had to create a Father's Day card without using the words Dad or Father
on the front. I have had great fun, want to adapt this design in other colourways now..not sure about too much hand cut lettering...but I could try to justify a crafty purchase....wink, wink.

A card for Daddy!!!

Finished last minute as usual, here is the card I made for the children to give to Chris. An old picture I am afraid, but having a few problems with my new printer/scanner and had to use what I had to hand yesterday afternoon!
I took inspiration from Create a card 5 challenge on Crafts by Carolyn where you needed to use a blue a greeen colour scheme. I loved making this and really enjoyed using the colours- thank you for the challenge! I've still got to finish my Dad's card, so hopefully take some piccies of that later too...oh it's so great to find time for crafting again, even if it is only short lived!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Here are MY cupboards!!!!

Well..what do you think? I can appreciate they don't look much at the moment but close your eyes, picture them in a nice new, clean and tidy craft room and not a dark, dingy, spider filled, pre fab garage....but most important of all, think of them filled with crafty goodies!!!! Ooo...can't wait, can't wait...please Mr Planning Deptartment person, please accept our NOW!!!!!
Next how can I make them pwetty?

Clutter, clutter and more clutter!

Spent a good part of the day trying to clear the old garage ready for it to be pulled down!! Done another trip to the tip and accumulated several black sacks of junk but not made much headway YET! Still got loads to do but running out of enthusiasm now. We need to run down the huge chest freezer, find somewhere for my tumble we told ourselves we wouldn't need it over the summer anyway, but the way it has been raining over the last few days...hmmmm...not so sure!

I have come up with an idea that I am quite excited about, sad little person that I am. In the garage we have a few kitchen cupboards that we salvaged from my mum and dad a few years ago. At the moment they store an overflow of kitchen, bathroom cleaner, washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets..etc. These are not going to be needed once the extension is I have earmarked them as MINE!!!! Think of all those crafty goodies I can fill them with once I have my craft room!!!

Made a few more toppers this week too!

Will I ever be organised?

Slowly but surely I am trying to sift through, de-clutter get organised for the big build!!! Well that's if it ever happens as planning permission was turned down last week and we had a rush appointment with the planning dept. to try to come to some arrangement as to what would be acceptable. Plans are back with architect now and we are eagerly awaiting to hear and get on with the extension. We had hoped to start at the beginning of April!!!!
Still, we have a free weekend ahead of us and we are planning to empty out the garage, so that it can be pulled down as soon planning has been agreed! Goodness know what we are going to do with everything though!!!
Last weekend I tried to organise my crafty clutter, but didn't get very far! I feel I need to be ruthless to make any impact at all. As crafting actually goes, not managed much, a bit of knitting and a few toppers- that's about it from the land of Dingledel!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Craft time...what's that?

Been a bit short on the ol' crafty time again. Got Amelia's final statement through but she still has no support in class, that's the next hurdle. Got builders coming and going with estimates for the extension and it's been a domestic disaster zone with dishwasher dying on me, after leaking all over my kitchen floor, shortly followed by my washing machine- which has now thankfully been replaced. Both our cars needed MOTs this last week and mine has just cost an arm and a leg at the garage new dishwasher will just have to wait 'til next month.
Kiddies went back to school today and I am trying to catch up on all the phone calls and paperwork I have just left over the last week or so. It's Down Syndrome awareness week and I have this mad idea to try card sale for our kentwide fundraising, as usual though I am totally unprepared!!
Did manage a card today though, for one of Jack's friends- again, last usual!!!