Friday, 28 February 2014

A sad keepsake book!

That's it, I've finished. Feeling very sorry for myself today, not very well and thoroughly exhausted. I've pottered around with very little energy or motivation to do anything. Luckily enough, I had designed and cut  the unfinished pages of the little Keepsake Book, so every now and then I worked on it.

It was obviously a very emotional and thought provoking project and I hope it provides even the tiniest bit of support for the recipients.  

I wrote the poem back in 2007 I think, it was on one of my first ever blog posts when I made another little Keepsake. So sad to make!

MY little projects meets the criteria;
Crafts by Carolyn - TTC - Flags
Crafty Hazelnut's Patterned Paper challenge - February

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What a week!!!

Half Term was a nightmare! It started about 2am on  Friday night, Valentine's, when Chris and me were woken up by this horrific clattering of our roof. By the sound of it, I honestly thought half the extension roof had gone. We pottered around the house for a while a decided it was safe to go back to bed at around 4.30am. At 5am we were woken by Amelia complaining she felt sick.
Nothing really happened until Sunday when Amelia had a raging temperature and started being sick. Tuesday both Chris and Jack came down with the lurgy and as the sickness started to subside, awful flu like symptom set in! Jack only went back to school today and even then it was hit and miss.

I have been stuck at home for about 11 days now and was becoming a bit stir crazy. I thought I'd do a bit more furniture revamping, but I ran out of paint and my order has not yet arrived in the shop. SO, yesterday I actually sat down to a bit of paper crafting.
It's a bit of a tricky keepsake book but I am quite pleased with how it is coming along.

Here are a few little sneak peeks until I have finished it completely.

I was surprised how much I actually got engrossed making it. 
So many thoughts and emotions running through my head!

Right, better get on. Working this afternoon!

Bye for now.

 x X x

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Take one table and a tin of chalk paint

This quirky little table is one of the newest additions of clutter  furniture I have on my ever growing list of things to do! Personally I wasn't sure about it, but Chris took a liking to it, I think it was it's description of "bar table" that drew him to it!


Well today I have given it it's first coat of chalk paint! I am thinking of painting the inside uprights a nice toning colour but not 100% sure yet.

This morning I have also somehow accumulated an old tea trolley and some candle sticks!!! LOL
Going to be one very busy ol' lady!


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Furniture revamp and a chalk paint obsession!

Oh dear, we had this mad, mad idea that this year it might be the time to claim the summerhouse back from it's play house/junk storage state. Chris pictured it all set up like a bar, but I had imagined more of a shabby chic tea-room stylee!

I persuaded him that it was impractical to store alcohol and glassware at the end of the garden and it would be far better to make up our drinks and relax in the summer house in comfier chairs, rather than perched on a bar stool!

Since then I have had a bit of an obsession and now, my recently cleared garage is now full of old bits and bobs of run down furniture in much need of a new lease of life.

After an absolutely awful night of torrential rain, howling winds, lost roof tiles and my daughter being poorly....I am now making the most of a short burst of sunshine and have moved a few items from the garage into the light of day of the conservatory.

Oh dear, I may have bitten off move than I can chew. This chair is part of a 3 piece suite. I am now worrying if in fact I CAN make this look good enough to actually want it,  even if it is only to go into what is basically only a large shed at the moment!

I can make basics like curtains, but never tried any upholstery before! EEK!

I couldn't resist a bargain, not sure where it's going to go yet though.

Right, I am at home with a poorly child, and eagerly waiting the arrival home of Chris, with another can of Chalk Paint so I can get started.

I will keep posted on my progress...or the lack of it!


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

MORE Stampin' Up swap cards!

Last night I sat and made up a few more cards from the Stampin' Up swap. I feel quite guilty, it's a sort of lazy crafting really but it has really got me motivated to de-clutter and organise my craft room. It's gonna take quite some time but hopefully it will by worth it.

Here are my "Cheat's Cards!"

The first is from a kit designed by Fiona Whitten

The second is a slight adaptation of a design by Valerie Brown. I decided to emboss the backing card and ink the edges. Love these shells from "By the Seashore!"

  My last is taken from a design by Elaine Smith, using the "Six Sided Sampler" stamps!

Sorry about the quality of the pics, I went out into the conservatory to get the best light, but it was freezing out there! I didn't hang around!

Right, I had better stop playing now and get some work done! 

Bye for now!


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Copy Cat cards from Stampin' Up swap!

I wanted to give my February List a bit of a kick start, so I cheated!

This afternoon I have made up another 2 cards from the Stampin'Up Swap I took part in last Summer.
It seemed criminal to have the card kits just sitting there, and making them up has been really enjoyable although I have found it weird working to someone else's design if that makes sense. I have made a few little subtle changes, but nothing much.

The first card is taken from a design by Elaine Smith and uses the lovely Flower Shop Stamp set, wording from Lacy & Lovely Set. Colour are once again from In-Colours 2013-15.

The next card is a design by Christa Joyce. I really enjoyed using the banner and heart from the Heart a Flutter set.....I can see this one going near the top of my next order. I de-stressed and inked the edges a bit .

Thank you for your inspiration ladies....

Things to do in February!

My list of things to do to aim for in February!

Ahem! Yes, I know most of them have been carried over from last month but that's life. After feeling groggy and achy for 5 months and getting no help from my doctors, I put myself onto some vitamins and have changed my diet slightly by trying to include more mood lifting and energising foods! At long last I start to feel better, then I somehow put my back out. Been in agony and started seeing an Osteopath last week. 

Hey, ho. That's life! Got a lot of catching up to do, in so many areas of my little life!

Crafty Things!
Make 2 Christmas cards
Make 2 male Birthday cards

Make 2 female Birthday cards.
Finish boot cuffs
Write up 3 knitting patterns

Other things 
Work out an exercise plan....and start doing it!!!
Finish decorate living room
Get back into Blogging!! (At least once a week)
Find floor of craft room! :oops: :oops: :oops: 

Start a holiday box! 

Optimistic about my list this month....well, it's got to be better than last month's achievements!

Bye for now!