Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Things to do in February!

My list of things to do to aim for in February!

Ahem! Yes, I know most of them have been carried over from last month but that's life. After feeling groggy and achy for 5 months and getting no help from my doctors, I put myself onto some vitamins and have changed my diet slightly by trying to include more mood lifting and energising foods! At long last I start to feel better, then I somehow put my back out. Been in agony and started seeing an Osteopath last week. 

Hey, ho. That's life! Got a lot of catching up to do, in so many areas of my little life!

Crafty Things!
Make 2 Christmas cards
Make 2 male Birthday cards

Make 2 female Birthday cards.
Finish boot cuffs
Write up 3 knitting patterns

Other things 
Work out an exercise plan....and start doing it!!!
Finish decorate living room
Get back into Blogging!! (At least once a week)
Find floor of craft room! :oops: :oops: :oops: 

Start a holiday box! 

Optimistic about my list this month....well, it's got to be better than last month's achievements!

Bye for now!



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