Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The antics of Bruce, a 12 week old Cavachon

I have been feeling rotten for weeks and weeks now, my doctor is trying me on antihistamines in the possibility it's allergy related. After almost a week on them it suddenly dawned on me they could well be the reason I was nodding off at the drop of a hat! I am trying taking them at night and seeing how it goes.

Kiddies both back to school, I felt up for a bit of Spring cleaning, and relieved that I had some energy to even start. Bruce the pup asleep in his crate I started on the quick and simple job of cleaning the downstairs toilet. After cleaning the inside of the window, frame and ledge it somehow evolved into going outside, cleaning the outside of the front windows and door and sweeping the drive.
I was just finishing as Brucie Boy woke up.

With squidgy and sponge in hand and motivation running high I took Bruce out into the back garden to let him have a run around while I cleaned the back windows and door. Not stopping at that, I de-pooped the patio, got out the disinfectant and hose and decided to clean the patio. 

Thinking it would be a great experience for Bruce, he frolicked around in the spray of the hose and had a great time.  Me being me, I was not prepared of course, and left Bruce on the patio to go and get some old towels that I have put aside for Bruce.

This is the sight I came back to!

WELL, instead of Spring cleaning my house, I had to Spring Clean Bruce!
Here he is, looking not too sure about his first bath!

Towel dried and ready for a touch of blow drying and a few treat!

It's funny how things never go to plan, but hey ho. Bruce has had a few new puppy experiences and I have learnt a hard lesson!
Spring cleaning will be there for me another day!