Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Lady of Leisure?

Well, I haven't seen much in the way of "leisure" but it's been a few weeks since I left work. I have started a Pilates class in an attempt to help with my back pain, I have started my attempt at a thorough clean and major de-clutter of the whole house. It's not going to happen overnight, I know that, some days I feel really motivated and over do it so much that the next day my back is so painful I can hardly move. I suppose it's just learning to pace myself!

I have been awake since about 3.30am this morning as Chris left early to drive to Torquay so, with the children both at home I am being lazy and I have decided to sort out my beady stash. (It was more appealing than trying to find the floor to my craft room!)

I must confess, I didn't realise I had quite so many beads and I am a bit confused how to organise them. All I know is that I want them to be more accessible so I can be a bit more creative, especially sitting down during the evening whilst watching TV.

I thought I'd share a few pics with you.

These "beads" are pieces of broken jewellery I grabbed in the January sales from Monsoon. The actual non-faulty items totalled a grand sum of £87.50 but the broken bits I paid only £4.20 for!!! I love the multi stranded  turquoise, coral and gold necklace (£25) so much so that I threw 2 of those into my basket with no hesitation!

Whilst trying to organise today I came across these beads all ready stranded and waiting for me to make "shamballa" type bracelets from them. I suppose I should try to get these made first before playing with my other beads!

These beauties are, once again, pieces of broken jewellery. My lovely sister gave them to me over a year ago and they have been sitting in a chocolate box just waiting for a new lease of life! As beautiful as they are, I will have to get my thinking cap on as some of these are up to 20mm in size.

Last but certainly not least, these were given to my by my darling mum along with some different colour threading materials....oooh, so pwetty! Thank you Mum! xxx

I have been so tempted to buy more over the last week but I am so glad I have resisted (so far) instead I want to think carefully about the findings and stringing materials I want to make certain pieces of jewellery........a bit of forward planning! SO unlike me.

Hopefully I will have a few finished items to show you soon!

Bye for now.