Sunday, 7 June 2015

Patio re-vamp and garden mirrors!

Progress on our puppy proof patio has been slow going. Half term was particularly difficult as the dreaded sickness bug worked it's wicked way through our family and we seemed to achieve very little apart from actually getting through it day by day.

The pergola is now up and this weekend we (well mainly Chris) put the roofing on it. I love it already and hope to spend many hours sitting out in the garden and relaxing. Still got lots to do; the slate around the edges of the patio still needs lifting and replacing with concrete to stop little Brucie Boy from digging! Tedious work but I am sure it will be worth it when it's done.

One thing I have done that I was pleased with was re-vamping an old mirror, which we got from ebay for a grand sum of £3! Paint cost about £5, leaded strips were another ebay bargain for about £2, glass, stashed in cupboard from yonks ago!

Initially I just painted the frame and hung it and although I liked it, it did look a bit too much "mirror like" if you know what I mean. it looked too big and bare for it's setting so I thought I'd attack it with a bit of self adhesive lead and some glass paints.

I was a bit unsure when first applying the paints, they are very old (I think I bought them about 12 years ago) and I was concerned that I wasn't getting the nice smooth and even coverageI was hoping for. So I went back to my childhood and remembered the big stained glass door we used to have up in London and how some pieces of coloured glass had a textured effect within the glass. SO, I blotched and bodged to my heart's content and just kept hopeful it would look ok!

WELL, it wasn't as elaborated or professional looking as I would have liked but I still love it. 
I have another £3 mirror I will be attacking shortly!