Sunday, 25 May 2008

Matchbook- part 2

I have manged to complete another CBC challenge- CHALLENGE 7 – A PROJECT (2) And we are back to our match Book now I want you do make the first page (both sides) the catch must use STAR (S) more than one on your page you can use them on 1 or both sides

Sorry, awful lighting, but I am in a rush to see "I'd do anything!" sad!

A quick LO template!

Here is the LO I mentioned , just very quick and simply and all ready for me to scrap a photo, with loads of spaces and options for journalling. I didn't want to add too much detail until I knew exactly what to write but at least I have a few pages in Chris's album!!

I used the template for the CBC Big Challenge 5.

Craft withdrawal symptoms!

I haven't managed any crafting this week. I have been working a few extra hours to help cover staff shortages, completed two NVQ assignments and had my first observation assessment visit at the nursery!!

Yesterday we started preparing for the new patio to be laid- at the moment we have a few slabs left in place from when the extesion was built and the rest is just mud and flint!!!! We made the most of the gorgeous weather yesterday by cutting the grass and tidying the borders a bit...still so much work to be done out in the garden but it's all time and money!

Today, however, I am having a bit of a crafty day. Trying to complete a few more of the challenges from the CBC big challenge weekend. So far I have made one LO, I cheated a bit with this as I combined;

CBC CHALLENGE 9 – MEN!! Men huh painful when it comes to card making so to really challenge you I would like a card suitable for a man to include ribbon and a pin !

with todays Recipe challenge on Dotties World -1 or more Charmed Downloads, 1 brad, Ribbon, Hand doodling/writing, Dry embossing or crimping (CB embossing folders etc..)

Here is what I came up with.

This is going to be part of Chris's 40th Birthday gift, the tag is a "voucher" for Chris to take Jack out to a driving range. Chris used to play a lot of golf when I first met him, but now the family just don't allow him the time! I am going to make up another blank LO all ready to scrap a picture of the day they use the "voucher!"

Sunday, 18 May 2008

CBC May Challenge 3- A Match Book project (Part 1)

Part 1 of the challenge is making the matchbook cover. I have never made one before so the tutorial is fab and just what I needed to kick start a project for Chris's Birthday next month!!

I ordered these Junkitz papers from Charmed Cards and Crafts because I wanted something all lovey dovey...yeah slush I know but I am a Piscean aren't I! Head in the clouds and all that!

I made the cover itself yesterday but started decorating it this afternoon while I had the house to myself for an hour!!!

CBC May Challenge- 13 MESSY

Another photo please of your craft space NOW no titivating we need to see it as it is!!

Now this goes both ways here as one of the reasons I have been a bit quiet is that we decided to have a little move around yesterday and I have been online this morning ordering some storage for papers.

Now this side is the tidy side, the side that has recently been cleared, cleaned and moved. The computer relocated eventually the printer reconnected so I can now actually PRINT!!!

and this is the side that everything got thrown onto to clear on and under the worktable so that we could actually move it!!! Yeah I know CBC Challenge weekend wasn't a good time but it was strike while the iron was hot and Chris was around to help.

I have ordered some Vertical storage Cropper hoppers and I am going to try and find some old cupboards next so I can have a 3 mtr worktop running the lenght of the little box room!!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

CBC May Challenge 6 - Crafty storage

"We need a picture of your favourite storage item can be shop bought or made. The catch here is the item must NOT be purpose built – ie a paper rack for paper nah thats just not on we need clever crafty ideas"

Some of my fav crafty storage has got to be those made for me by the lovely Juanita. I suppose these are "purpose built" but I needed to include them! I especially love the little fabric bowl which I keep all my most used bits and bobs in rather than lose them in the chaos of my desk!

My little blue fishy pot is ancient, not actually sure of where it came but it sits on my desk with watercolour pencils in it and I use it all the time!

CBC- May Challenge 4 - Round and Round!

"I need a card with at least 5 circles on it!"
I do hope this counts.Large circle as centre of flower, outer frames and inner frames, makes 5 loads of dotty circles on paper and even more on the CB embossed card, and of course the circles (or spots!!) on the dotty kitty!!!! Is that cheating? hmm!!

Downloaded kitty from Lou's Cat collection, round sentiments by Cuddly Buddly, Paper by Gin-X and of course CB embossing folder!!!

CBC- May Challenge 2- Something New!

"Look around your craft space – select your NEWEST item and make something with it how easy is that? "

A very quick and easy card from me using a sheet of Gin-X paper that arrived only yesterday. Another challenge complete and a card made ready for next week!!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Crafts by Carolyn - BIG Challenge!

Loads going on over at Crafts by Carolyn. Tonight the BIG Challenge kicked off with the first 2 of 16 challenge to be set over the weekend.

I have managed to complete Challenge 1- You name it!

"And we are off for this our FIRST challenge we would like you to make a card with something beginning with ……your INITIALS (you can use 2 or 3) "

I struggled with this a bit but ended up with

A - acetate, it IS there, honestly, antique parchment- paisly paper by Daisy Ds
L - lace and Liquid pearls.

I am not 100% sure about this card, may add something tomorrow...but exactly what I am not sure yet!

A Daring Cat!!!

I am loving the new cat downloads from Lou and as I ordered them from Charmed Cards & Crafts the other night, a few other things "fell" into my basket! They other stash arrived today and were delived to my mum & dad's house while I was at was a great way to lift my spirits at bit today.

I have managed to make a quick card this afternoon and I love this little cat download...I THINK it is one of my favs, but that could easily change as I work with the other 8 designs that I haven't even touched yet! I Used this weeks dare from the Daring Card Makers: all you have to do is create a card featuring an animal!!! So what more inspiration did I need with these likkle cats just crying out to be used!

The round sentiment stamps from Cuddly Buddly fit perfectly if you print off 9 images to a page!! LOL...Lucky enough I ordered my second set this week!!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

New Downloads!!!!

I eventually got around to treating myself to some new stash. I have ordered a new album and refil pages and a few little round sentiment stamps. Then I went along to Charmed Cards and Crafts to spend my £10 voucher that I won a while has taken me that long to a)find time to sit down b)actually decide what to buy....don't call myself Dilly Dally Dingle for nothing you know! I NEED some more blooms too but I will have to wait for those!!

One thing I couldn't resist was the new cat downloads from Lou and no sooner as I had got them I printed a couple off and got colouring. In between taking my mum to the clinic for more blood tests today, I have managed to make this card!!! (please excuse....the colours are poor and as usual, the glossy accents are still wet but I have an appointment over at the school soon!)

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A Funky Fairys Challenge!

I needed to make a card today! So I tidied up a little square off my craft table and set to work using a sketch from this weeks Funky Fairys Challenge.

Now - IF I can decide what to buy, I may have a chance to treat myself to some new goodies before I have to collect the children from school. Amelia is staying later tonight at her first after school club....YOGA BUGS!!! Right quickly, kettle stash alert!!!!!

Monday, 12 May 2008

A Dottie challenge....for HUBBY!!!!

As I have mentioned before it's hubby's 40th next month and today I was very self indulgent and ignored the things I SHOULD be doing and made up a couple of 6x6 LOs as a feeble little start for a gift.
I took the opportunity to play along with the first Dotties World Challenge where you have to use inspiration from a paper piecing tutorial! I have never really done this before and to be honest I cheated a bit by using one of the tiny little sample squares off of a Basic Grey Pack- that way the patterned paper was the same but I had a smaller print for Dotties dress. I had such fun adding detail to Dottie. I used both glossy accents and liquid pearls to highlight little buttons on her shoes, the lacy on her dress, her jewellery and of course...her crown!
Sorry the colours are awful but you get the idea!

Friday, 9 May 2008

The Giraffe is FINISHED!!!!!

After hours and hours of painting spots I have at long last finished the Giraffe. Gerry Hula Hoop was carried to school this morning and is now safely re-homed with a wide range of other animals in the school hall! LOL...Amelia was sooo proud of him!

........and I suppose I was a little proud too!!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Dotties World and my waffle!

The very talented Louise has started Dotties very own blog!!!!!! It is looking great so go along and take a look. Every Sunday a challenge will be set and every Thursday will be Customer card of the week!!! I am very shocked and honoured that Lou has chosen two of my Dottie cards to be featured this week- Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

I can't wait for the challenges to start, might give me the crafty kick up the backside I need at the moment!! My mum is back in hospital up in London and after dialysis this morning she is having yet another operation this afternoon. She sounded so low when I spoke to her last night and I hate being so far away and having no way to support her.

And my plans for today!!! Finish half cold cup of tea, hang out third lot of washing, finish painting this rotten's beginning to drive me mad! Have school dinner (!!!!!) with Amelia, attend meeting at school, collect children, cook dinner.......collapse in heap!!!!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Seeing spots before my eyes!!!

Had a great weekend!

Saturday we started private Speech and Language again with Amelia- can't really afford it but she needs much more than the input she is getting at school so we haven't really any choice.

Sunday we took the children to see The Spiderwick Cronicles...Chris and me haven't been to the cinema in years so it was a nice change for us and the children loved it.

Monday...well Monday, Chris laid the flooring in the downstairs toilet and I had the urge to start painting the hall but instead what did I do....I spent nearly ALL DAY painting spots on Gerry Hula Hoop the Giraffe!!! AND HE STILL ISN'T FINISHED!!!!

Amelia let loose with the yellow paint!!!

Big brother Jack helping out!

Spots, spots and MORE SPOTS!!!

I have just put a tail on him and hopefully tonight I will finish painting him...but I have I card I MUST make too!!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Girlie Bear!!!

I have been going on and on about my knitted girlie bear.....and she has been on my to do list for 2 weeks now...but alas she is still in pieces in a plastic bag just waiting to be sewn up. BUT my mum has made one and I just wanted to share her with you.......just look at her!!!! She is SOOOO girlie.....the one I am making has a little knitted cami and knickers on!!!

The pattern is by Claire Garland.