Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Seeing spots before my eyes!!!

Had a great weekend!

Saturday we started private Speech and Language again with Amelia- can't really afford it but she needs much more than the input she is getting at school so we haven't really any choice.

Sunday we took the children to see The Spiderwick Cronicles...Chris and me haven't been to the cinema in years so it was a nice change for us and the children loved it.

Monday...well Monday, Chris laid the flooring in the downstairs toilet and I had the urge to start painting the hall but instead what did I do....I spent nearly ALL DAY painting spots on Gerry Hula Hoop the Giraffe!!! AND HE STILL ISN'T FINISHED!!!!

Amelia let loose with the yellow paint!!!

Big brother Jack helping out!

Spots, spots and MORE SPOTS!!!

I have just put a tail on him and hopefully tonight I will finish painting him...but I have I card I MUST make too!!


Louly said...

He may not be finished but wow he is amazing!! He looks really at home with the elephants in the background.

Hullabaloo said...

That Gerry Hula Hoop is flippin brilliant!!!
Totally agree the elephants just set the scene completely! Well done Amelia and her very clever mum!!(and of course all the extra special help from big brother Jack!)

JuanitaTortilla said...

OH MY... I LOVE the giraffe!

Classroomfree said...


He is looking absolutely amazing hunny, a superb job!

Can I put an order in for one please? lol

Louly said...

Hi again Adele. Two of your cards have been featured on Dottie's world (I hope this is OK let me know if not xx).
Lou xx

Edna Stofmeel said...

I love it.