Sunday, 18 May 2008

CBC May Challenge- 13 MESSY

Another photo please of your craft space NOW no titivating we need to see it as it is!!

Now this goes both ways here as one of the reasons I have been a bit quiet is that we decided to have a little move around yesterday and I have been online this morning ordering some storage for papers.

Now this side is the tidy side, the side that has recently been cleared, cleaned and moved. The computer relocated eventually the printer reconnected so I can now actually PRINT!!!

and this is the side that everything got thrown onto to clear on and under the worktable so that we could actually move it!!! Yeah I know CBC Challenge weekend wasn't a good time but it was strike while the iron was hot and Chris was around to help.

I have ordered some Vertical storage Cropper hoppers and I am going to try and find some old cupboards next so I can have a 3 mtr worktop running the lenght of the little box room!!


Anonymous said...

Have you got a room for your crafting? I used to have but now I have five small shelves in the dining room lol! I have to connect my printers each time I want to use either of them and the dining room table is so not working because I have to clear it all away every evening.

Sarah said...

Looking good Adele or should I say partner ;o)
I so need to clear up my craft room as I can only just about walk into it LOL!!

Sam said...

I have some old kitchen units in my garage, needing a new home, as we have just had new kitchen fitted. I am in Hampshire, not sure where you live?

Sarah C said...

Your bottom picture looks like my craft desk ATM LOL