Thursday, 17 April 2008

A better day today!

I haven't stressed about the children, I have been a bad mum and let Jack watch TV nearly all morning and now he is jumping around like a lunatic with Amelia on the Eye Toy...just waiting for sparks to fly again.

Apart from loading the dishwasher,hoovering the dining room and doing 2 loads of washing...I haven't done anything around the will still be there for me tomorrow and possibly the day after that.......
I am cheating with dinner tonight, salmon steaks are seasoned and wrapped in foil ready to put in the oven, new potatoes are in the steamer ready to go on and I have frozen veggies in bags (!!!) ready to pop in the microwave when Chris gets home.
I have tried to tie up some outstanding crafty loose ends just to tell myself I have actually done something!!!! and of course later on I have promised to make a giraffes head!
I have stamped a few images ready for use later and have been so tempted to make up cards there and then, but time just won't allow it at the moment. So I still have 2 Dotties in a state of "undress" just waiting to be put onto cards!!!! I have Cat Dottie (from the Dress up Dottie Set)

and Bathtime Dottie (from Dottie at home) I need to sort her towel out yet though!!

These are such great fun to colour and embellish...I am in heaven with my glossy accents and liquid applique and glitters and liquid pearls............I am also getting a taste back for decoupage...I suppose that started with the Fairie Poppets card I made last month...hmmm..Is my crafting really going round in circles!!


Louly said...

These look great already Adele, I love your shading, you've made Dottie look so soft and sweet. I'm addicted to glossy accents too and have been meaning to get myself some liquid applique for a while now.

Max said...

So much to do and so little time ... am having similar problems myself LOL!

I ♥ cupcakes to distraction said...

Looking good Adele :)