Thursday, 24 April 2008

How time flies!!!

Goodness, it has flown by this week. Done so much but achieved so little and I am at work tomorrow so not much will get done then either.

I have managed to complete only 1 of my 3 NVQ assignments, the second is well under way.

AS for crafting, not a lot!!! I recieved the rubber stamp from the round robin Stamp Activity over on Crafts by Carolyn and I have stamped various images- I just want to do a few more then it gets posted to the next on the list.....mustn't hold the line up!!!!!! Then hopefully I will get to play tomorrow evening.

Had some great news out of the blue today. I have won "Card Maker of the month" for a sketch challenge over on Charmed Cards & Crafts Thank you, thank you. Will sit down and choose some goodies to make Chris a 40th Birthday keepsake!!

Right, suppose I'd better get back to my text books for a while, then a hot bath and an early night I think.


Sarah said...

Big congratulations on being Card Maker of the Month! No surprise really as your cards are fabby :)
Good luck on your assignments! I remember doing my BTEC ones a few years ago and they weren't nice!

I ♥ cupcakes to distraction said...

Congratulations on being cardmaker of the month Adele, gorgeous card :)