Monday, 24 March 2008

Todays cards.

Been a busy ol' girl today and managed to make another 2 cards. The first is just for my stock using yet another 2 stamps, I got years ago, used, from another crafter....again, it's been sitting unloved in a drawer!! ( I think I got these at the Crafts by Carolyn Birmingham meet!!!)

The next is inspired by a challenge from Martine over on Crafts Beautiful, who challenge us to;
"create a card, scrapbook page, or anything of your choice but it has be in the theme of fantasy, so it could be fairies, angels, unicorns, mermaids, etc etc "

I took an easy route and used a Faerie Poppets decoupage sheet that had been sitting in my conservatory for yonks!!!! Haven't done any decoupage for ages, it's another great craft you can do easily while watching TV!!! I also took the opportunity to make a commission card that I needed to do! Sorry, not great pics- will try to re do them in daylight!!


LucindaBee said...

Ooooh - I LOVE these cards. Can't choose which is my favourite. I think it would be the wee girl. they are gorgeous

LAZY-TROUT said...

beautiful cards - I just love the faerie poppet one the colours are gorgeous.

Jukie said...

very pretty! and a lot of work!