Friday, 7 March 2008

21 again....literally!!!

Well 21+21 ol' lady!!!!LOL. If I seem to be talking a load of old waffle...and when do I not talk is my 42nd Birthday today. I was woken by Amelia at 6.30- this morning, saying "Presents now Mummy, presents NOW!!!" How could I refuse- so at that unearthly time of the morning all 4 of us sat on the bed with my cards and's been ages since I had a cup of tea in bed!!!

I have had some absolutely wonderful handcrafted cards...thank you!!!! Like a fool I have proudly stuck them all to my patio doors before taking piccies, but I will do that tomorrow.

Chris manged to get away from work earlier so at least we have a bit more time together, but even so we have an excuse to treat ourselves ...all weekend!!

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