Monday, 31 March 2008

Seems like ages...

...since I managed any crafting. The weekend was taken up with trying to organised the house, getting kitchen stuff down from the loft and finding homes for it all in our make shift kitchen. Just started to get straight then Chris decided he would drill out the big whole in the kitchen wall for the extractor fan to go!!! (We need it done before Building Control will pass the extension, even though we still have the kitchen to do!!) Goodness-I know it needed doing but we both really didn't expect it to make so much mess. So yesterday I was clearing up brickdust again!!!
Last night I started knitting a new teddy- I am quite excited about her- I think she is fab and I have all these weird colour combinations in my mind that I want to try out. So far I have only done her body and head front, I am resisting the temptation to do any more until this evening.
Disaster has struck- I have run out of basic white card. I never really used much before I started stamping, I always went for hammer instead, but I have been getting through it quite quickly now I have my new found passion of stamping. Off to the Paper Mill Shop on Wednesday to stock up!

Here is a card I have just finished. It's the second of an order of eight. Struggling to find ways to get all the personalisations on these- I feel I will be repeating myself over and over again if I am not careful.


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