Wednesday, 21 March 2018

My name is Adele and I am a Copic Addict!

The title says it all!

I ordered a few new Copics over the weekend from two different online shops. One order arrived yesterday but unfortunately it was the one with a boring, but needed, C3 refil, a Warm Grey, W5 to build on my grey collection, and a white Fine Posca. Perhaps boring is not the right way to phrase them, but not very exciting either.

Unfortunately, the NEW colours that I ordered from a different site still haven't arrived! So eager to get my sticky mitts on them, especially as it took me SOOOO LONG to decide on which colours to buy! It's just as well I have had a meeting at Amelia's school for a good part of the day otherwise I would be in serious sulky mode!

I did however receive a new marker holder bag to store some of my Copic stash in! My new little lid labels really work well but only time will tell how user friendly my new system is. Hopefully I will be very pleased with it and I will probably be ordering another one very shortly so that I can store my Greys and Earth colours in the same way. (They are currently stored in the small Copic case which only holds 24 markers.)

Still need to work out how and where to store my Copic Refills though!

Yes, my name is Adele and I am definitely a Copic Addict!



Brawny x said...

Hi Adele I'm saving my pennies at the moment for copics. Until the. I'll carry on with spectrum noirs! X

Shabneez said...

Loving the fancy case Adele - looks good and is practical! Shabneez x