Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Kit & Clowder Monthly Colouring Classes!!!

I am not good at putting myself out of my comfort zone, and that zone is now so small it certainly needs a bit of pulling back into shape! As it's by Birthday I decided what better time to treat myself and commit to trying something new.

I have signed up for the Monthly Colouring Classes at Kit and Clowder. There are a few things that just by looking at the classes, straight away I can identify things that I have never really attempted before; colouring a range of skin tones, colouring backgrounds........I realised I have had very little experience colouring natural scenes and the majority of my past work has been cute characters.

So as soon as I could I jumped straight in with my first attempt at the class. One thing I like is the fact that it stresses these are practice sheets and that we shouldn't be afraid of making errors, after all that's how we learn. Just as well as there I was happily playing with various colour swatches on a scrap of paper then realised the ink had soaked right through onto my image!! LOL
Live and learn Adele, live and learn!

Not sure about the colours I have gone for as alternatives to those in the class, and there is certainly loads more room for progress but overall, yes, I am quite pleased with how it's coming along. BUT more importantly am I enjoying the process? I am enjoying the fact that there is a very active and supportive community alongside me?


Bye for now.


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