Saturday, 3 March 2018

Copic colouring attempts!

We have been stuck indoors most of the week with the snow, so in an attempt to stop myself from going stir crazy I have been playing with my Copic markers!

I have had loads of images already stamped/printed out and every now and then I delve into them and work on a few. Up until now I have mainly been working on skin tones, then hair as I like to match the images up with papers and embellishments and colour the rest of the image accordingly.

So, there I have sat, happily colouring away and feeling quite pleased with most of the results.....then I take a look at Pinterest and think, oh goodness, mine look so childlike and lack definition. Perhaps I need to explore some colouring tutorials!

If anyone could give me any advice or point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

I feel I want to start from scratch again! After being stuck at home I have now come down with the flu and my head pounding, perhaps I should just give up and admit Copic defeat! Hopefully, if I completely finish as few images and make up some cards, I might feel a bit more accomplished.

Hey ho!

Take care out there!



Unknown said...

Hi Adele, your colouring looks great to me. I used to colour a lot and know how easy it is to compare yourself to others, but many of those have been colouring for years. There is a group on Facebook called Kit and Clowder which is great- Alyce who runs it is so helpful and posutive and on her website there are some great classes. Hope to see more colouring from you soon. Cathy x

Andree said...

Hi Adele, your colouring looks great. Like Cathy said, the Kit & Clowder FB group is very good. They are friendly and welcoming. There is lots of free advice on their website too. The important thing is to enjoy your colouring xx

Katie said...

These look great