Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Much needed Craft Therapy

Still got Amelia's EHCP paperwork to get sorted but I am struggling to think straight. Chronic pain and sleepless nights aren't exactly helpful! Took my mum to the hospital this morning and once home I felt I needed to focus on something relaxing.

What better excuse did I need to try out the Colouring Eyes Class over at Kit and Clowder.

Another class which is putting me completely out of my comfort zone.

Working on this class is going to be a challenge for me, the scale of the images allows for so much more details than a lot of the images I have worked on. BUT hopefully trying new ideas and putting myself out of that comfort zone will help my learning journey and keep me focused. HOPEFULLY.

Things to do:

Look at the class tutorials regarding contaminated Copic Markers
Invest in a new white gel pen.
Buy loads more Copic Markers to add to my collection! Tee hee!!

Bye for now.


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