Saturday, 24 March 2018

Confidence Class at Kit and Clowder

Yesterday I joined in with a Confidence Class over on Kit and Clowder's Facebook Page. Basically it is to encourage you to pick up your pencils or markers and make time, even if it just 10 minutes, to practice one of the classes. You don't need to be a paid for member of the Kit and Clowder community to join in and on their website there are a few options of freebie classes for you to try out.

I decided to try my hand at Chapter 3 of the Colouring Eyes Class.

Now funny enough I had set myself a few things to try out, sort of mini goals to make me push myself out of what little comfort zone I have! Now these goals were to try out different skin tones and hair colours, not something I have really done before.

Once again, I have mixed feelings about my achievements on this class.

What I didn't like! 
I found it tricky working on such a small area of colour in these eyes but quite pleased with the outcome of the eyes itself.
I struggled finding colour combinations for darker skin tones in my stash and I am really apprehensive of putting dark colour to paper at the best of times. I don't think the actual colour of the skin tone is too bad but the blending is awful. I have struggled with some of my E Colour markers over the last week or so, they are not playing nicely and are leaving a waxy like finish on my images.
Colour choices for hair...hmmm, not sure but overall effect...not too bad!

What I did like!
Hmmm...struggling with this bit, not over keen on my outcomes.
I like the fact I tried things out of my comfort zone.
The awful blending of the skin tones prompted me to clean up some of my Copics last night. I worked through all of my Earth tones and I am eager to try them out again to see they if are any better!
I like the fact I made time to practice!

Fingers crossed I can find some time today to find a bit creativity.

Bye for now.


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Shabneez said...

Must try these classes! Great write up. Shabneez x