Monday, 19 March 2018

Copics - labelling and organising.

I have had a really bad weekend, pain levels through the roof, Fibro fog, headache, pins & needles, blurred vision...........just thoroughly fed up with it all.

I decided not to even try to craft yesterday, I couldn't concentrate and to be honest, I was feeling so negative I was never going to be happy with my achievements, no matter how good or bad they were! LOL

Instead, I let my Paypal account take a bit of a bashing and ordered  a few more Copics colours, a refill and a white fine liner. Then a lovely crafty friend popped a few crafty packages up for sale so I grabbed two of them as well!!! Some pretty flowers (can never have enough bloomers!) and a lovely little package for flower making; a few dies, stamens, leaves and some Oil Pastels. Considering I have only recently bought my first even sheets of Foamiran, I thought it was an omen and just had to buy them!

I had spent some considerable time umm'ing and arr'ing  about what Copics to buy as the majority of my markers are Ciao, with the exception of a handful of Sketch markers. Now for me, being an indecisive little Pisces fish, swimming around in circles and never getting anywhere, it was a HUGE decision! I have no issues at all with the Ciao markers, would I rather get more variety of colours in my collection or start increasing the Sketch markers....mainly because I like the look of them!!! Well let's face it, any Copic lover out there will hopefully know what I mean!
I tried to do a bit of research into comparing Ciao vs Sketch, tried to look at sizes of ink capacity and justify paying the extra for the Sketch markers.....but I just couldn't. Eventually the marker will need a refill, whatever one I buy. So I decided on more Ciao markers, unless I really want need a particular colour that is only available in a Sketch marker!

Trying to make myself more organised in anticipation of my new Copics arriving, I decided to make up my own little labels to go onto the lids of my Ciao markers. My pathetic little attempt ended up being quite time consuming! Initially I made up tiny labels stating colour range and number, eg YR02
but by doing this the font size needed to be so small it really wasn't user friendly, especially for my Fibro foggy brain and eyes! I decided that it wasn't really essential as I do have my Copics stored separately in their colour ranges, so for me personally, just the relevant number sticker on the lid would make my life easier.

I worked though the range, listing each number available in each colour range and printed out onto Copic card. I found my regular, single hole punch worked a treat as did my mini glue dots. I personally thought it easier for me to only colour in labels for the lighter shades.

Unfortunately I ran out of glue dots before I could complete the job, but hopefully they will arrive soon along with my new Copics so I can continue my quest of Copic organisation!

If anyone would like a copy of the number ranges to make up their own labels, just give me a shout.

Bye for now.


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Shabneez said...

Sorry to hear you’ve had a tough weekend Adele. Glad you got some craft retail therapy in though! Great job organising your pens. I don’t own any copics or I’d definitely have asked for one of your colour charts to fill in. Hope you have a better week, Shabneez x