Friday, 2 March 2018

Copic colour organisation!

Well, it's been a few weeks since my last blog post. Have I made much progress with my craft room organisation? Ermmmm......not a lot!

In my defense, during that time I have had Amelia at home for half term, several hospital appointments and for 4 days this week Amelia has been at home again due to the school closures and hazardous weather conditions! I am starting to feel a little housebound and if not careful, going a bit stir crazy! Just getting out the door for a short walk has been a bit of a challenge!

I needed to find something I could do that didn't need much concentration and that I could easily pick up and put down as Amelia is a constant source of distraction! SO, I decided to attack my Copic collection!

Now my Copic collection isn't huge and some are up to nine years old, when I purchased my first set. I have mainly Ciao markers but more recently I have treated myself to a few Sketch markers and I also have a handful of refills. I need a portable form of storage as colouring is one of the crafty activities I do tend to do sat down with the family whilst watching TV. So I need portable storage that is adaptable enough to cater for various shapes and sizes of markers.

Before I start working on that I decided to make up a new chart to show an updated list of exactly what I have, that way when I order more I don't end up with any duplicates which I did last time I treated myself! (That really hurt to think that I could have had more colours to my little collection! LOL)

Over the last few evenings I have made up a check list and very happily filled it in as I have gone through each of my colour ranges. It's very much still a work in progress and I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of another small order so I can colour in a few more boxes but unfortunately the bulk of the order is refills for colours I already have and it's not as satisfying as getting a "brand new colour" to my collection!

I will need to put the next stage of organisation on hold until Amelia is back at school so for now I will revert back to colouring a few of the images I have just sitting there waiting.

Take care out there.



Katie said...

You will soon get back into crafting

Janet Packer said...

You may not have been truly crafting, but was time well spent!

Kathy said...

I don't have any pens to do this with - my own on-going project on similar lines is getting all my dies sorted and into the files I've made. Organising our supplies is an endless task isn't it?

Sylvia said...

Great start to organising your craft room, I have just labeled my distress inks and oxides to make life easier. I have just started sorting my embossing folders by making a tag book and trying out embossing techniques.

Sylv xx