Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Zentangle day 2

Yesterday I continued to work through my "One Zentangle a day" book covering another 3 different Zentangle patterns.

Knightsbridge was quite daunting at first, the blocks of colour seemed very bold at first but great fun to do, I can see me using this pattern a lot.

 I found Nekton rather tricky, I think it was the randomness of it and my little attempts came out rather messy looking.

Fescu was quite quick and simple but it still took me time to actually have the confidence to put pen to paper and go with the flow. 

Here is a close up of my first attempt mixing up these patterns, my sample tangles are only 2 inches square so blowing them up on screen really highlights my errors-sorry. 
I started with the Knightsbridge "O" as I had seen some example with holes in patterns and liked the effect. Then I built up the tangles behind, even drawing the Fescu twirls before the Tipple behind it! Why I worked this way I don't know, it's just the way it evolved!

PS. Note the error in Nekton where I had been using a wider tipped pen and went back to filling in a few gaps I didn't like! Oops.

Not sure if I will get a chance to work on Day 3 of my book today, I have another mad idea to try out first!

Bye for now.



jojo79 said...

I think your attempts look great. What pens are you using ?

Adele said...

Hi Jo, thank you for your comment. I will check to see exactly which pens I am using and post tomorrow. I know I was tempted by a pack of Sakura but opted for a cheaper option to start with. x

Kathy said...

Love this Adele, the sweeping curves of the black and white chequerboard pattern look fab