Wednesday, 12 August 2015

One Zentangle a day, Day 3

I was a naughty girl yesterday and didn't get around to doing Day 3 on my Zentangle book, I did however have a little play around with some of the tangle patterns I have already covered. This little attempt is quite angular and I am not sure at all about it, I think I am more of a softer, swirly sort of person but it was good to try.

Today I had a try of the patterns for day 3,  not sure about my shading, whether it's too light or too dark but I am just trying to go with the flow.

Still feel this is very self indulgent but hey ho.

Yesterday I was asked about the pens I am using, and as you can see I am such a newbie please don't take my word as gospel but I chose a slightly cheaper option of a set of Uni-Ball Pin Drawing pens, I got a pack of assorted nib sizes (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 & 0.8) for under £5 with free delivery so for now they will do fine....I may need to put some more on my wishlist soon as well as dusting off my Copics and Prismacolor Pencils! 

Right, I may even have a chance to start Day 4 this evening, play a bit of catch up.

Bye for now,



Nudul said...

Nothing wrong with Uni Pins - I have managed to get a good set of Microns on ebay and love them for less though. I like your tangle - doesn't look angular to me though, I think it's nice. x

jojo79 said...

Thanks for you answer about the pens. I am loving you tangles so far and I have now ordered the book for myself