Friday, 28 August 2015

Yeah, Day 11 Zentangle complete.

Well, I've finished. Not 100% sure of it, especially about the white spaces, but over all I am quite pleased considering I threw myself out of my depth with this, my first A5 piece of work.

Here is the piece before shading.


And a few comparisons.

Ok, it's not perfect. I have a lot to learn
It's funny how I seem to have changed. On the first few days I was more comfortable about the Tangle Patterns and unsure of the shading but now, when it comes down to actually using creativity, my confidence flies out the window .......but I feel happier with my shading!

I am looking forward to moving on to day 12 on a more positive note. 

Thank you for looking.

See you soon,



jojo79 said...

The shading makes a hugh difference. Remember it is only day 11 and it is not going to be perfect (though it looks great to me). Just enjoy

Adele said...

Thank you Jo, how are you getting on? x

Kath said...

Incredible. It is so dramatic your zentangling. I am so impressed. I think your giraffe would look absolutely stunning if you zentangle him!