Monday, 10 August 2015

A Zentangle a day keeps the doctor away.....

LOL. IF ONLY but I can try.

I had this mad idea a short while ago and I thought that a bit of creative "doodling" might be a good activity for me to try with Amelia.......and they do say it's yoga for the mind!

I treated myself to a book called "One Zentangle a day" and a few new pens, and yesterday I succumbed to my first "proper" little sketch book. It was nothing fancy but I have warned Amelia "HANDS OFF!"

I sat down yesterday afternoon and started my Zentangle journey, I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed it but it did feel VERY self indulgent, it's one thing to sit and create a card or a piece of jewellery but just sitting doodling seemed to have no real purpose at all and I did feel rather guilty when I have so many other things to do.

My self guilt is not going to stop me, I hope to move on to Day 2 of my book today but long term what I plan to do with my attempts at Zentangle is a mystery!

Here are my pathetic attempts for Day 1 where the "Tangles" of STATIC, TIPPLE and CRESCENT MOON were covered. The top row of Tangles are taken from the book, the lower row is my vague interpretation of them! Please be gentle, I am really out of my comfort zone here!

As they say:

Things can only get better! LOL

Bye for now,


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