Monday, 24 August 2015

My Zentangle Journey, Day 8 complete

Oh yeah!!! I am SO enjoying this. In fact I am enjoying it so much I have ordered myself a few pens, a 4B pencil to try out for my shading....and a new pencil case to hold all my new goodies. I may well need to put a padlock on it to stop Amelia from"borrowing" them!

Here is my finished attempt at Day 8's patterns. I wasn't sure of them at first but as I worked on the twirly "thing" at the bottom I became a bit more confident with it all.

I don't know whether digital photography is a good thing or not but it was interesting to blow up the image and see the detail (or lack of it) in my work. I do think I will need to invest in a better light and  it may well be time for me to go to the Opticians as I do think I am starting to struggle with detailed, close up work.....and reading the cooking instructions on some small packaging! LOL

As much as I am loving my new pastime I keep telling myself how self indulgent it is and wondering  "of what use it will be?"

Does everything in life need a purpose? 

Who knows!

My sketch book is calling me.



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