Sunday, 23 August 2015

One Zentangle a Day, Day 8

I haven't managed to sit down with my Zentangle book all week, so when I actually MADE time yesterday evening, I really enjoyed my "me time!"

I did struggle with the two new Tangle patterns and I don't think my attempts are true to the examples given in the book. With PURK in particular I really don't think I have the dimensions and perspectives right....but I am not sure they actually need to be "true to life!" That's my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Here is my latest attempts in progress, the lower example shows my basic guideline sketch, the outlines only and some parts complete with shading. I am concerned that my shading is always too heavy, they say if that happens you can end up with a dull, flat, grey design!
hey ho, it's a large learning curve for me and I am well out of my comfort zone but enjoying the journey.

Once I have become more confident with the actual basic concepts, then I think I need to concentrate on the shading and even bring in some colour....that will be both scary and fun.

Bye for now.


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