Wednesday, 26 August 2015

One Zentangle a Day, Day 10

Yes, I know, I skipped a page! I didn't have everything I needed for Day 9 so I went straight on to Day 10! Sorry!

Now I know I am not a confident person, especially when it comes to doing something out of my comfort zone (not sure I actually have one of those any more!) but once again I found these quite daunting and I am very critical of my work. I did the designs quite quickly, one after the other and I don't think I put the care and attention into them as I would have liked, but Amelia was bouncing around the room on the Wii and getting stressed out and puppy Bruce was having one of his mad moments....chasing his tail, attacking cushions, pulling throws off of the sofa.......puppy madness in general. It was absolutely pouring down with rain and looking back although my heart was into it perhaps my head wasn't.

I do feel however, it came out quite natural, messy but perhaps more relaxed in some ways.

Now I had up to this point been blending with my finger, and using an eraser to rub out small areas I wanted to highlight. BUT I braved the chaos of my craft room, clambered over boxes and furniture  that were dumped in there as we are sorting Jack's room, and recovered my box of Prismacolor Pencils, half a bottle of Sansodor  and some tortillions. Now these haven't seen the light of day since my Copic craze began several years ago!

I used a tortillion to shade on these Tangle patterns and I took the leap into the unknown and TRIED some colour work. Really not happy with the results and I am surprised as I loved the look of these tangles!

Perhaps I made too many changes to my "normal" way of working.

Today has been a rather busy, stressful day but fingers crossed, this afternoon I can move on to the next page, Day 11 in an attempt to stay positive.


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