Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Garden (and doggie) update!

It's been a long time since I last blogged, my health is still suffering and I have now been referred to a Rheumatologist as my back pain is driving me mad. The school holidays are in full swing and I am desperately trying to keep Amelia occupied.

Bruce is now 6 months old and is an absolute little darling, he is still rather bouncy and excitable but that's what puppies and loving. He is a bit of a poser when it comes to having his photo taken!

I thought I'd update about the state of our little garden "re-vamp" and puppy proofing attempts! Progress is very slow but it's been enjoyable along the way. At the weekend I eventually finished my second bargain "garden mirror." It was another £3 bargain from ebay. I painted the frame with a pot of £5 garden paint, leaded it and added a splash of colour with some very old glass paints I had in my craft room.

I am quite pleased with the way it turned out but I don't like the white triangle shapes, they didn't dry as clear as I would have liked and have opaque clumps on! I am tempted to try and scrape it off an re-do as I have found some "etched glass" effect paint in another box now! I'll see how it weathers first!

And here is how our little patio area is coming along. It was an unused, unloved area of the garden where rubbish just seemed to accumulate: a old BBQ, gas bottles, bins, tubs, wood for the name it. AS you can see, space is quite tight as the extension came out further than planned and we didn't want to excavate too much more of the raised garden.

It wasn't until Brucie boy came along and we felt in would be nice to have a covered area that we have finally started making use of the unloved little space.

I painted up part of the little lower wall, lifted all the slate around the outside of the paving which Bruce loved to dig in (but I am still making pwetty patterns in concrete with coloured pebbles and glass!) Chris built the pergola and fitted a few pieces of trellis.....and I then went mad with several pots of coloured garden paint. 

I am mid way of re-vamping an old cottage suite type sofa, it's not the sophisticated rattan sofa I would like but it's comfy and will do for the time being! I still need to recover the cushion covers and add a few more arty farty bits and bobs.

It's sheltered, the roofing has some UV protection, my fairy lights make it nice and cosy feeling during the evenings and I cannot believe how relaxing it is just sitting out there with Bruce snuggled up by my feet. 

Hopefully a few more....ahem...purchases will arrive over the next few days too! 

Bye for now.


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Kath said...

It looks really good, Adele. I love your table and chairs, What a lovely colour.