Saturday, 2 February 2008


It's been hectic this week trying to make a start on my NVQ but seem to be getting nowhere!! The house is still a complete shambles and I have lost my crafty mojo underneath the clutter!!!

BUT, in search of some direction yesterday I sat down (trying to make some time for me) and browsed through the forums only to find this on Crafts Beautiful!!!!

Winner of Xyron Creative Station!

I know I said this would be announced on the 1st February, but I’m out of the office now until Monday and didn’t want to keep you all in suspense.
Firstly a big *thank you* to everyone who entered cards in the Valentine’s challenge, it was a really tough one to pick.
In the end we selected this stunning card by Dingledel, so congrats to you!

Oh my goodness- what a much needed boost!!!!!

My winning card was this one!


LAZY-TROUT said...

WELL DONE ADELE - hope it gives you the boost you need! Fab card by the way :0)

Lucykate Crafts... said...

hey, well done!, it is a lovely card : )

silvercustard said...

Hi Adele, your card was by far the best and deserved the prize....hope you enjoy!!!

what NVQ are you doing?

i have taged you on my blog, hope this is ok :O)

Unknown said...

Adele, Well done you !

Annie B said...

oh that's gorgeous - congratulations and well done!

Unknown said...

Fab news - now get that mojo out from under the clutter and get back to normal, lady ;)

You deserve the prize, your cards are lovely!

LAZY-TROUT said...

Adele just to let you know I have tagged you ;0)


well done.. thats telling you something ... that your cards are great

Rachel said...

Oooh err Adele have you sen CBC comp as well.....