Thursday, 14 February 2008

I think I need a few goals!!!!

Been a bit off colour on the crafting front recently and I MUST get my act together before it all falls apart at the seems!!!! There is lots going on at the moment and I want to join in some of the fun.

There is a BIG CHALLENGE WEEKEND about to start over on Just Bex.

I have recieved my email of a card from the lovely Clare (Kenspeckle) for the Chinese Whisper over on Crafts by Caroyln. It's now my turn to make a card inspired by the template and then email a pic to the next crafter on the list .

Here are my last lot of goals and how badly I have done with them!!!

*knitted thingy -all knitted and mostly sewn-still not made up
*birthday club card-DONE
*cut 40 die cut animals-still not done sorry Andrea some of these are for you!
*update Down Syndrome A/c!!--YIPPPEEEE all up to date today and thank you cards sent out!
*start DD's statement review- had meeting with school and Annual review booked

*NVQ- very little this week!!! I will have to play catch up.

and now for some more additions!
* Finish PINK LIMO card!

* Blue challenge on MN Crafters
* Easter Swap on MN Crafters
* Mother's Day sample cards (x10!)

I am sure there are more I need to add later, I need to go through my diary 'till the end of March and add those to my list...that should keep my out of mischief for a while.

Right now for some advice....we had a £10 voucher from Argos that needed to be used today. SO reserved a few things that we needed and hubby was going to get them yesterday. He went to Argos, collect the goods and later found the £10 voucher still in his wallet!(MEN!) So I convinced him I NEEDED these!

Moved a few things around on my desk today...but now I don't know what to put in them! HELP, quickly, before hubby comes home and kidnaps them for the garage!! Ideas please!


Hullabaloo said...

OK I suggest brads, buttons, eyelets, stickles, ink pads( big enough? can't really tell) die cuts, little embellishments........ you know you'll fill them in no time! (or else they'll end up filled with nuts and bolts and nails and screws!!

Kim said...

I've got these too and mine are empty!!!