Friday, 22 February 2008

Stupid printer - yummy new stash!!

I have been having problems with my printer this week, it is very temperamental. First it wounldn't scan, then it wouldn't print the photographs I wanted for a challenge and last night it decided it wouldn't even print the wording I needed for some "must make" cards!!

SO, this morning I have had to un-install all the printer software and drivers and re-install took forever...and was much more luck than judgement that now my printer seems OK again.

Not one to waste precious time while it was all loading, I made this card from some of my new stamps!! I am still, very much, sticking to the basics but having so much fun! Why did it take me nearly 5 years of cardmaking to get hooked on stamping?

PS: Do you think she has too much blusher on?

1 comment:

Apryl said...

very pretty.. and I think she has just the right amount of blusher on!