Sunday, 24 February 2008

Don't feel BLUE!!!

I have had such self indulgence this morning- making something-just for the sake of it rather than needing to send it to someone else!!! I have combined a few things into one concertina card to express my thanks to the forum & cyber friends that help and inspire me, kick me up the backside when I am on need of it and cheer me up when I am low!!!

The card is inspired by:

The Mumsnet Art & Craft Challenge!Our first challenge in this brand new crafters blog is a colour challenge. Inspired by the blue storm front I observed over Sainsbury's last week the colour for the challenge is blue, any blue you so desire, dark blue, light blue, teal just as long as there is some element of blue in your crafting.
the medium is anything you wish, beads, paint, cards, fabric, papier machet, etc
due date: Monday the 18th of Feb (in two weeks time) if you finish your challenge before the due date please feel free to post your pictures here at anytime.
Happy Crafting Ladies - meridian.
I know I am late-but what's new there!

Crafts Beautiful "Download" Challenge!The challenge is to create *any kind of crafty project* using one of the FREE downloads from this site. It can be papers, a knitting pattern, motifs or even a combination of a few different ones. We will be uploading several new downloads over the course of this week so keep your eyes peeled for those too. Simply click on the ‘Downloads’ tab at the top of the page to view the full selection.

Just Bex-Challenge 12-A card with a difference!
so now we want you so make a card any size BUT NOT 'normal!' You must make a card with a difference ie not a straight forward landscape or portrait fold ,
maybe a card with more than 1 fold or a wallet style - anything goes just DIFFERENT.

Crafts by Caroyln- for all the help support and encouragement they have given me recently with my stamping queations!!

With all that for inspiration- what more could I ask for. This is what I ended up with!!


Hazel said...

What can I say, Adele, but 'brilliant'. You are such an inspiration and encouragement - I love visiting to see what you've done - you are so talented. I've tagged you - details on my blog.

Apryl said...

Adele thats beautiful.. its really sweet... you are so talented and so very sweet... lovely colours.

Sue said...

truly brilliant a work of art stunning

Unknown said...

that's really lovely - you really do need a kick sometimes, because I'm sure you forget how clever you are.

Max said...

Have thoroughly enjoyed my browse through your blog and will be back very soon to see what else you have up to.

Hope you will add me to your list of CB blogger friends. Am off to add you to mine right now.

LucindaBee said...

Your blog is fantastic - i really like this card - the colours are magic

Rhi said...

Amazing Adele, I'm so glad you took some you time, you're eye for detail is fantastic :)