Thursday, 28 February 2008

Perfect timing!!

I am on a real low at the moment. I am thoroughly exhausted and just cannot shift this flu- getting up with Amelia every night just isn't helping either. As well as travelling to dialysis 3 times a week my mum had to go back up to the hospital yesterday for a check up. It seems as well as needing yet another operation to try to get her home dialysis working they want her to go through tests and get her on the waiting list for a kidney transplant.

The children are driving me mad....I know many families have to deal with sibling rivalry but it's getting to a point now that they are argueing over who feeds the cat or who turns the light out..I feel they are fighting for my attention...but it is always Amelia who seems to get it. They are just worlds apart I have a disabled 6 year old, who in some respects is more like a 3-4 yr old...and an 8 year old with the reading age of 13 and numeracy skills of the average Y6 student!! I am pulling my hair out trying to juggle everyones needs......and as for my NVQ, I haven't looked at it in weeks!!!

If you are still with me, you may have gathered that I am rather stressed........but there is always something, or SOMEONE to paint on the silver lining isn't there!!!!!

My guardian angel wishes to to kept un-named, but you know who you are!!!

Mr Postie arrived today with a jiffy bag.....I have been "chatting" to this un-named crafter on Crafts by Carolyn, after I had asked for opinions on slide mount dies. This lovely crafter offered to cut me some-for which in itself I was extremely grateful. She then went on to say she would stamp a few images for me, knowing that I have found my new passion of stamping. BUT when I opened up the jiffy bag this afternoon- I was in absolute floods of tears. I cannot thank you enough, I really can't.

Here is what I found;

As well as the slide mounts and the stamped images there were some nestabilities shapes for me to try out, some beautiful blooms and die cut flowers andthe most amazing ribbons!!

As I said, I simply cannot thank you enough for the wonderful kindness , the beautiful stash but most of all, for painting the clouds with a silver lining!!


Unknown said...

What a lovely surprise for you, hopefully things will settle down a little for you in the near future. Take it easy and enjoy a little 'me' time.

Hazel said...

As you say, Adele, such kindness. Hopefully you'll be able to find a bit of crafty space just for you. I do hope you are feeling better soon - sending you hugs xxx

Unknown said...

I hope you are feeling better soon, The flu is just plain horrible.

Look after yourself and enjoy your parcel. What a lovely surprise for you.

Nick said...

How lovely a thought-and to such a deserving recipent-I hope you find some "you" time to play soon

Whizzz said...

How lovely! Hope you are feeling better soon - enjoy your stash!

Apryl said...

lovely goodies! I hope you feel better soon!

Cass said...

Odd how when we are in serious need of a cheer up, one arrives. There is always someone out there thinking about us, and looking out for us... and then they surprise us by a gift.

take good care


Annie B said...

what a wonderful wonderful package, so kind and thoughtful

sounds like you are doing a fab job in difficult circumstances Adele. Hope the flu thing leaves you soon and you can get back on top of things. Thinking of you.


Curvy Cards by a Curvy Woman said...

Someone out there was thinking you needed a little cheering up! I hope things work out for you and find time to use your new prezzie


Anonymous said...

Oh hunny ((((hugs)))) for all the stresses and strains you are going through at the moment. I wish I were nearer and could ease your load somewhat. Virtual hugs and my thoughts are with you during your struggles.

So nice for the wonderful angel that sent you that scrummy stash to have been so kind, you deserve it sweetheart.

Tracy K said...

That looks so nice how kind. I have nominated you for a 'You make my Day award. Hope it cheers you up a little

Andrea C (Frog) said...

How lovely and exciting to receive such a lovely package.

Andrea :)