Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Back to crafting today

Apart from the fact I have had a poorly child at home today I have managed an attempt to get me back into crafting. A friend asked me to make an 80th card for her so I made up another 3 similar at the same time.

The craft stall wash out has really knocked my confidence and enthusiasm and I haven't set myself any targets this week. Still knitting my little piglet though!!

I also cut some dies cuts today ready for the die cut swap on Crafts by Caroyln...done 20 so far need to do another 20 and get them in the post tomorrow. Now what ones shall I do!!!


Unknown said...

The craft stall goers are all morons :), clearly they are. Anyone with half a teaspoon of taste would know that your cards are always fantabulous and better than the rubbish you can buy in the shops!!!
Hope the poorly one feels better tomorrow, and can I please ask you get back to normal craftiness and shoo the black cloud away. Thanks ;)

Kristen said...

Lovely card - sorry about the washout! I think the market is just innundated at the moment - your cards are lovely and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.