Sunday, 6 January 2008

2008 End of Week 1!!!!

Been a funny old week-quite a mixture of emotions really. I seem to be fluctuating from wallowing in self pity, full of cold and completely out of sorts...then the next minute I am flapping around like a woman on a mission to get my life (and the house) organised. In the last week we have moved the single Ducal wardrobe out of the craft room, re-organised some of the storage, re-sited the printer- the room is still utter chaos but at least I have more spacw to work in now. The wardrobe has been put in our new bedrooom for the time being - as we have ordered new ones -which won't be delivered for about 6-7 weeks! At least we will have somewhere in our room to hang a few of our clothes.

Jack's new room (our old bedroom) is still in the process of being decorated. The ceiling and coving has all been done, the skirting and architrave has at long last been stripped, sanded and re-painted and we have got underlay down, all ready for the new carpet. Chris and me need to pick a few colours that Jack can choose from-then the walls need a quick coat of paint. I can remember moving the children into the same room last Summer, before the extension really got going, thinking it would only be for a few weeks and here we are, in 2008 and they are still sharing a room...he really needs his own space!
This weekend all the Xmas decs have come down and been packed away in the loft. The dining room furniture has all been moved around and today we took delivery of our new fridge-freezer. It is constantly like musical chairs in this house at the moment!!LOL.
If I sit back and think about what we have actually achieved over the last 6 months, I know we have come such a long way, but it is so hard to see when we still have so much to do and so very little time to do it. I really need some time with the children and Chris this year-the whole reason why we took this project on in the first place.

On the crafty front I am quite pleased- I only hope I can continue to be so productive and motivated...if you see that I am lagging behind...come along and give me a kick please!!
A few days ago I set myself a to do list. I am going to try to update this a couple of times a week and set myself a new list every week Here goes:
Short term goals;
cut/make up 25 xmas embellies each month! NOT DONE
10 valentines cards this week! MADE 8 SO FAR, 6 "Sweetheart" & 2 Teddies.

make 21st birthday card MADE 3, 1 for mum, 1 for me and 1 for stock (still need pic of 1)

ADDED-made January Birthday Club card
ADDED made a Mother's day card
ADDED made an Anniversary card
ADDED- a sympathy card
make a boys 13th birthday card!
make a 19th Birthday card
make a birthday card for BIL
make x1 Feb Birthday club card
make DH valentine's card
make a girls 11th birthday card
make SIL birthday card

Oh, thought I hade done so much but it doesn't look much off the this does it!! Best get on then!

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