Tuesday, 22 January 2008

More note books!!

Got a little pile of notebooks to "tart!" This morning I have done these!!!! I feel I could get slightly hooked on this stamping lark....must find out some tips on embossing though!!

Took a slightly better picture of yesterday's attempts!

...and for Sheilagh......these little hearts are out of the Sizzlit Alphabet set "In my Heart!" they are very cute and very tiny , measuring in at aoprox 1 x 2 cms!!


Anonymous said...

Fab notebooks :o)

Unknown said...

I really like the notebooks, especially the Spotty ones.

Good luck with these, I think they'll be popular

Sue said...

mmm Loving the stamping Adelle

Beginner my ar$e lol




your doing a really good job on the stamping... not bad for some one that doesnt usually stamp and a bit of advice stamping ....totally addictive .. oh and obssessive LOL

Apryl said...

oohhh I really like the ones with the lady on it.. do you do sketch books? might have to order one or trade for one. :o)